Say what you like about the quality of the fallout games, they picked some decent music.

Anyone been to the cat cafe? My mum wants to go, is it any good?

Confirmed moving into new flat at end of September!

I just remembered that sodastreams exist and now I want one. The great thing about being a grown up is nobody can stop me!

Gah! You lie down to rest your weary toes for a minute and all of a sudden it's late!

Just got news that work on my future flat is going ahead, now it's just a matter of time 😁

Has anyone ever seen a lightbulb that's held in by screws before? The hell is with this flat?

@neil @M Oxygen's at 19%, so I'll just take off my visor that protects me from all the potential things our technology can't measure. For science! This show is a tad mental.

So, apparently youtube is totally fine with NSFW if it makes no gosh darned sense.

Summoners rest broadcasting an overwatch tournament tonight at 8 I believe. There's also rumour of swag. Think it'll be busy? @neil

Today's questionable Unity based google search: "Find children in parent"

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