Endless Space Collection. Take it or leave it. 64X36-XM2K4-L35M7

I have a free steam code of Dirt Rally to give away, if anyone's interested. youtube.com/watch?v=szzV5Yozfp

If someone asks you to spell "part" backwards, don't do it! IT'S A TRAP!

As a response to the public outcry about Serco's lock change evictions last summer, Glasgow City Council set up an task force mandated to find an alternative solution for housing the 300 asylum seekers and refugees that Serco were planning to put on the streets.

isn't very original, but it's quite entertaining. :)

Guys, can you recommend a place in the centre that has affordable beer and coffee, perhaps food, and doesn't get very loud in the evening hours? Like a quieter kind of Wetherspoons?

March 9, Royal Concert Hall. The Wrath of Khan + William Shatner live. Just saying. bit.ly/2YE9ojc

@neil Something seems to be off with the character encoding when you autopost to IRC, or my LimeChat client's settings are off, I don't know, what do you think?

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