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@GORDON I've recently discovered synthwave and vaporwave music, it's a great playlist to work to 😁

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My is now public (telnet mcpubs.com, port 2860) or visit on the web at:

It's not much of a game at the moment, but I'm interested in using it as a base for a world - and to experiment with community world building.

Take a look and re-live the 80s with me! 😂

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I've created a new meetup.com group: Open Source Glasgow

The plan is to increase awareness for open source, teach some Linux basics and encourage self hosting of web services etc.

Our first event is "Linux command line basics for beginners", on Tuesday August 20th in on Kent Road.


Lifel1k3 (Lifelike #1) by Jay Kristoff:

YA scifi novel with TankGirl / cyberpunk / snowcrash feel. Not as good as Tank Girl or Snowcrash mind you but good ending and easy read. I enjoyed it. 4/5

Watched Convoy with my 11 y/o son. That 70s flick with violent antiauthoritarian overtones.... wait I'm the authority to him.🚚 💥


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