What really happened on Mars Pathfinder ~1998? by Glenn Reeves (RISKS-19.49)

a breakdown of the software debugging: users.cs.duke.edu/~carla/mars.

I'm surprised by how _normal_ the code is. I expected it to be more spacecrafty

Found your mums glasses!


- When in place, this lens can see a golf-ball by the moon!

It's actually.

Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

@neil $5 amd CPU: tomshardware.co.uk/amd-dual-co

I'm struggling to get it checked out as it seems to be us only. Do you know how to get it shipped?

I tried to think of a catchy title but I gave up because: Tokamaks 20 Telsa Magnet.


Apparently 1000amps per square mm is a thing.

@M It's good to know - with the myriad of sex assault claims against the guy, we're finally getting down to the read issue. Trump DID edit his hurricane map.

SharpieGate is real!

@neil About 2 years ago you asked what I did for a living.and I was like "Urm... I sorta score the news - like trumps impacts": markets.businessinsider.com/ne

I do different stuff now

TIL: One Horse can produce up to 14.9 horsepower.


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