Mind reading tattoos anyone?


The article seems legit but I'm still sceptical. I guess this is what a flatearther feels like:


Me: "...pfft be gone with your godless wizard science..."

crazy drummer like to unwind by removing her skin and spending 5 minutes dumming.


@neil Can you help me setup a new jitsi box for us tonight? I didn't do very well the last time

@neil Happy birthday dude. You free tonight for a Jitsi?

@neil @M I've got a deal for bulk discount with vocore.io/

Do you want any? we can bulk save to 25%

With another self-destructive clanger from Elon there - wiping 30% off Tesla stock.

Sometimes I think he's manic depressive. Or a genius stock manipulator.

The best looking website I've seen for a long time. Also interesting content: encry.com/

God invented covid to test our faith. We should go to church to ensure his faith, spread the lord and accept his gift with all my heart, lungs and some coughing.

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