Hey @neil, I noticed you've got an external mic for your laptop. Which model is it? Would you recommend it?

@John Hey, I have the Blue Yeti USB microphone, yeah I'd recommend it, excellent microphone - think I got it for £100 ish, it seems a bit overpriced right now - uk.camelcamelcamel.com/product

Depends what you are doing really - it's great for recording, but for video calls, these days, for convenience, we mostly just use the built in microphone on our Logitech C920, more than good enough.

@neil yeah the yeti is always recommend. I narrowed it down to the Samson meteor and the yeti. They seem broadly similar so it may just be a case of which ever is cheaper.

@John Nice looking microphone. One thing to note is the "Cardioid pickup" on the meteor (picks up what is in front of it, so good for podcasting/music recording) - the yeti has a knob on the front that toggles it between this and a few other modes which gives you a bit more flexibility, again, depending on what you're doing.

@neil the omnidirectional pick up would be good, better to have that flexibility but my PC is up against a wall so there won't be any sound coming from behind so cardioal isn't a deal breaker.
One question I'm having trouble finding an answer to is; will the Yeti work on a telephone call? Not a zoom conference just a regular telephone call. Have you ever tried that?

@John It works just like a digital input, so should basically work everywhere. How are you making the call exactly?


@neil via my mobile phone. While we are doing a lot of webinars in work there are still a lot of BT conference calls over the telephone and it's these I tends to be doing the most talking in. So improving my audio quality on telephone calls would be a plus.

@John Ah, hard to say exactly, but if the phone takes USB input then I'd be surprised if it doesn't work (it's just a direct digital input, so no drivers or software needed). You're welcome to pop over and socially distance test mine out if you'd like 😜

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