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Kinda cool to see the old cobbles under the asphalt on Byres Road.

I am sitting currently on php session and met some fantastic people already. Great stuff!

@neil Hi Neil! New section looks great, you could also add "Befriending" under Volunteering Neil with the links to all befriending organisations in Glasgow (befriending.co.uk/directory/?r), this is very valid as befriending is for young people, adults and older people. Volunteers being matched with them make a difference. The numbers of suicides and social isolation are staggering and the winter is comming. Just trying to help and make it better.

@neil Social Enterprise is only one kind of volunteering and it doesn't say a lot to an ordinary person, who is not involved in this. Well done anyway!

@neil This is amazing Neil, but you need to add Volunteering as well.

Another fantastic evening with @neil and like minded people. Learning Linux on steroids. 😎

Neil It was a good event. I have met many interesting people and learnt a lot as well! I hope to see you again!


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