A little PSA to fellow learners of the Glasgow Coding Meetup glasgow.social : your AWS server free trial is probably coming to a close about now so make sure to decide what to do with your account. You will have been emailed ;)
Hope everyone is doing ok

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We’re hosting our regular monthly workshop tonight “Setting up a web server from scratch” starts at 6:30pm in on Cleveland Street, Charing Cross.


It was nice to meet a load of new people at the last Glasgow Coding Meetup on Tuesday. Good job @neil for organising it

@neil I just had some points for the event (only suggestions so feel free to ignore)
Name badges
Get experienced folk to raise their hands so ppl know who to ask
A checklist so learners know what stages of the setup they're stuck at

@neil hi how's it going? I'm looking forward to the PHP workshop tomorrow night, I have been spreading the word.

I already linked the W3C course but this page on connecting to MySQL made me realise that other tutorials use different ways of connecting. It seems the GCM wiki uses the most modern approach with PDOs

At the last workshop there was debate on the best way to connect to a remote server on Mac, so I made a forum post glasgowcodingmeetup.freeforums

Everyone has a preferred text editor that connects to AWS in different ways. I don’t know them all but this maybe the PHPStorm docs could be a starting point:

The official reference manual for MySQL has a quite decent tutorial for the command line interface dev.mysql.com/doc/ 

Just wanted to share some success tips. My editor Visual Studio Code for Mac has a remote editing extension aka.ms/vscode-remote/download/ It works if you 'ssh-add' your key or do the "config" file setup. The link is a rabbit hole to tons more info 🐰

A little shell trick for spawning a tree of folders, in case it helps people

I love this web game and I don't know why. It's like Fallout: the text adventure

A video guide to puTTY on Windows, both converting keys and connecting to AWS

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