Everyone has a preferred text editor that connects to AWS in different ways. I don’t know them all but this maybe the PHPStorm docs could be a starting point:

At the last workshop there was debate on the best way to connect to a remote server on Mac, so I made a forum post glasgowcodingmeetup.freeforums

The official reference manual for MySQL has a quite decent tutorial for the command line interface dev.mysql.com/doc/ 

Just wanted to share some success tips. My editor Visual Studio Code for Mac has a remote editing extension aka.ms/vscode-remote/download/ It works if you 'ssh-add' your key or do the "config" file setup. The link is a rabbit hole to tons more info 🐰

A little shell trick for spawning a tree of folders, in case it helps people

I love this web game and I don't know why. It's like Fallout: the text adventure

A video guide to puTTY on Windows, both converting keys and connecting to AWS

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I implore people to watch CitizenFour the doc on Edward Snowden, it's terrifying. And includes some shell commands we have been using!

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@Legomancer Greetings and Salutations to the purveyor of plastic polyhedrons.

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Another great session on Coding from Scratch. PHP form up and running. Cheers @neil

If anyone wants to know the commands for their AWS ubuntu server then there's some info here linuxcommand.org/

Hi classmates in today's PHP workshop! Is anyone up for a sortof live chat on Mastodon? Share problems and advice?

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