SteamieBot: The Steamie - Saturday 28 November 2020

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Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Around 1 to 5 degrees.


No line problems reported.

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Fuck all. Go out if you must, but stay safe. Don't be a fanny.

**Today in Scottish History**

On 28 November 1930 W.Oliver...

springful: Anyone hiring?

Hello everyone! I am a student at UofG and am struggling to pay my rent on the 10th of the upcoming month. I lost my job in mid August and have been struggling to find work since, slowly burning through my savings. When the semester started, it became even harder to look for work because I am trying to keep up with my studies. Because I'm from the EU, I am not...

nixonwasasaint: Pullup bars

Are there any good outdoor calestenics areas in glasgow? i.e. full size pull up bars/dip bars

much_good: What are some good football clubs in Glasgow that aren't the 'big 4'?

Hi all, I'm a Londoner moving to Glasgow and I will need to find a new club to support as I'll no longer have my local team (Brentford) to watch on saturdays. I really want to avoid Celtic/Rangers, and would ideally like to support a more local grassroots/community feeling team...

Fun_Zombie_819: Not paying council tax

I forgot to pay my council tax this month and now I’ve opened a letter that says since I haven’t paid the full amount by the 23rd they’re going to ask for a warrant from the sheriff court. I can’t find any numbers to phone anyone about it, does anyone have any advice? I’m stressing out

Edifer454: Electric scooters and one wheels

I've been looking to get myself an electric scooter or just go mad and buy a one wheel (same one wren has from corridoor crew)

I was wondering if any of you have been commuting into town on one and what your experience has been like using it in town.

Do you ride yours on the road or pavement?

The aim is to use it to fire up...

lee0bv: Best Shops for Buying World Beers?

I've been seeing the odd post on Twitter from corner shops advertising their selection of beers from around the world recently and was wondering if anyone knew of any which stock American or Australian beer? Bud light Lime, Hahn Super Dry etc.

HairyBaws: Lidl

Lidl are selling 50 inch Sharp 4K Ultra HD Smart teles for £299 this week....just saying.

otravlen: escaping a dangerous household by coming to Glasgow?

hi all, i currently live in a dangerous household in England but my boyfriend in Glasgow has said i’m welcome to go and stay with him for a bit so that i’m safe until the situation here calms down. would this be allowed during the current pandemic situation? i don’t want to get anyone in...

MagnesiaClub: Here’s my new EP - Akrasia

I am a native Glaswegian, this is my 3rd record. I have submitted my last 2 here for review. 1st got slaughtered. 2nd was 50/50 some of you actually liked it. Here’s the third.


Recorded it at home (east end) it is a musically eclectic mix based around the theme of religion and...

twistedLucidity: Drain repairs

Just found out that our downpipe doesn't ties into the drain, the drain is blocked and the union broken. Guess this explains the flooding.

Can anyone recommend a drain repair company? TrustATrader has nothing and don't answer.


No_Danger: How do you feel about people cycling on pavements?

Does it bother you? I know it’s technically illegal so that’s not what I’m looking for, I’d just like to know if it really bothers people

I’ve not ridden a bike since someone stole mine the day before my cycling proficiency test 22 years ago, I also can’t drive so I’m limited to...

OtherJaredOJforshort: Vegan cheese?

Can anyone recommend a good vegan cheese that’s easy to get a hold of? Making some vegan hoagies tonight, so want it to be decent

PereCallaghan: Internal doors for a flat

Does anyone know what the rules are for replacing internal doors in a flat?

Right now it looks like we have fire doors on everything except the bathrooms.

Any recommendations of companies that off doors + fitting would be great as well.

ObvJay: Cathcart, Glasgow - good place to rent a flat?

I am doing a masters in Strathclyde and was wondering if there is anyone who has lived in or is familiar with Cathcart- is it a good area to live in? Are there any stuff to do eg parks, pubs, local shops etc? How is the commute to the city centre? Thanks in advance :)

SteamieBot: The Steamie - Friday 27 November 2020

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Possible drizzle this evening.

Around 2 to 6 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

Fuck all. Go out if you must, but stay safe. Don't be a fanny.

**Today in Scottish History**

On November 27 1996 the first deaths...

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