bruce_am1867: Do first busses still run on Sundays?

When I go on the first app it comes up saying no busses do they not run on sundays ?

RealisticAd1219: Hey guys!

I don’t want to be a douche and post a job in here when no one joined this chat to see that,

Does anyone know any chats or groups on Facebook where I can post a job ad?

Indeed keeps blocking my account,

Thanks a lot!

Turbywirby: Is the Barras Market worth a visit?

Just looking to pick up some wee nick nacks and random bits and pieces. Is this place the treasure trove I've hoped for?

SteamieBot: The Steamie - Sunday 1 August 2021

**Weather** [(Powered by Dark Sky)](

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Around 11 to 21 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

[Self led Workshop - Share some South Asian Games]( (*Scotland Street School Museum*)


lizzers00: Just moved up to Glasgow from Manchester, visiting Kelvin grove art gallery, where is best to stop and have a pint/ lunch

As the title says, I moved up from Manchester a couple months ago and now that everything is starting to open back up I'm having a good explore. Off to kelvingrove gallery/museum tomorrow, but would love to know your fave...

ShockOtherwise: Jacket Price

Hey guys,
I'm moving to Glasgow soon and I've been trying to find a jacket suitable for the weather there. I don't have a lot of options (Pretty much just decathlon, North face and columbia).
I've found a northface jacket for 245 pounds. It's waterproof, almost reaches my knees and the outer waterproof layer can be detached so I can choose to wear the inner layer...

Jauggernaut_birdy: Any idea when Glasgow airport will start getting international flights again, specifically Canada?

Wondering when Canadian flights will be allowed back into Glasgow?

Editor-In-Queef: Hope Street Incident?

I was walking down Gordon St. where it goes onto Hope Street today and there was a lot of police and ambulances. I thought it was part of all the filming then the police stopped up and we saw a lot of blood splatters over the street.

Can't find any news about it but wonder if anyone knows anything here.

Psychological_War297: How bad is the bedbug situation in Govanhill now?

I know a couple of years ago that bedbugs and cockroaches were pretty rampant in the area, wondering if this has now improved?

Ok_Price7529: Has anyone ever done a report into how accessible the city is?

I have been kinda interested in this for a while.

longseansilver44: Has anyone managed to get a 2nd dose between 3-8 weeks?

Not here for debate on when 2nd doses should be given but has anyone heard of anywhere in Scotland doing this? /r/getjabbed is awash with stories of people in England managing it but I’ve had no luck here.

SuperGolem_HEAL: Rangers fans

On the underground minding my own business, a bunch of grown men with presumably their children dressed in blue singing about Nicola Sturgeon and the IRA.

It's 2021 you absolute scum bags. Why is this not policed? They see it at St Enoch and Ibrox etc?

One of the pricks had the cheek to moan about the state of the carriage with half bottles of wine, obviously...

lilzobilzo: Custom/hand made baby hampers?


Does anyone know any local businesses/people that make hand made baby hampers? Seen ones before that look like cakes but are made with socks/bibs/dummies etc and looking for something similar!

Thank you!

RecliningBuddah: Gay bars Glasgow

Hey guuuuys, never been before and I’m wondering if there is any good place these days or if even worth going?

CyberaTech: Does anyone have any old photos of John Smith & Son bookshop on Byres Road?

I used to go there all the time as a kid, late 80s to early 90s. Bought a load of the Fighting Fantasy choose-your-own-adventure books in the day, I would love to see the old place again.

Linux98: Are Spice boys the new neds?

Seem alot of neds are now replaced by Spice boys who wears shoes with no socks and canada goose jackets.

Whaaaaatisgoingon88: Govan Town Hall

Does anybody know what is going on at govan town hall today?

TheRemoteControllor: Stretch of M8 to close this weekend as work takes place on new Sighthill bridge

New bridge being installed this weekend, we need a timelapse if someone can make it. I'm out of town, otherwise I would have done it.

Senior-Caregiver7394: Car Wash Recommendations

Just after any recommendations. I'm new to living Rutherglen and the two I've been to round here aren't very good. Anywhere round the city will do

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