Estebaws: Alloy Welding Recommendations?

Hi my wife ran over something yesterday resulting in a crack in the alloy wheel. Can anyone recommend a wheel welder in Glasgow preferably with a same-day service? I've had a look online and there are quite a few but some are far away and I don't want her travelling too far on the wheel. Cheers!

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Fuck all. Go out if you must, but stay safe. Don't be a fanny.

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BakedDelf: Had a shit day. Decided to go for a bite and a wine down Trongate way. Captured this and it made me feel slightly better. Glasgow can be so mysteriously beautiful sometimes and I think of all the eyes that have gazed upon this. Shit isn’t so bad.


stm232: Invisalign Glasgow

Has anyone had any quotes for Invisalign in Glasgow and surrounding areas? I’ve had 1 from Dentistry on the Clyde for £3145.

I only need 1 arch and she said it would take 12-16 weeks because my teeth aren’t too bad but on looking at the limited information for prices in the UK this seems a bit steep.

I’m going to look a few other places but with Covid...

t4nunna5: Hair recommendations (women’s)

Hey, just wondering if anyone has any hairdresser recommendations in Glasgow? Looking to get my hair highlighted! Thanks

CrochetHoe: Warning: Vivere Inc is a scam/pyramid scheme

Seen this company advertising for Junior Marketing Assistants on LinkedIn. They’re a direct sales company from Newcastle that are now trying their luck in Glasgow, and specifically trying to appeal to entry level people. They’re promising training and progressing but the reality will be shit pay and...

nb3215: Favourite Chinese Takeouts?

What are some of your favourite Chinese takeout/delivery options? Preferably around West End/City Centre. I’ve been gravitating towards Lemon Tree/Villa Kitchen/Little Canteen recently but feel like I should try a few more! Would be interesting to see what everyone likes.

spiteful-pirate: Accessing mental health support

Sorry if this is a repeated question but what experiences have people here had accessing mental health support in Glasgow? NHS England has some sort of self referral IATP scheme where you don't need to go through your GP but we don't have that in Scotland from what I can tell. I really need help but I need someone I can...

DerFrange: CD stores - second hand and new

Hi folks,

I just moved to Glasgow to study at GCU and was wondering if you had any tips on CD stores, ideally second hand but new is also fine.

I'm especially looking for stores with a good selection of classical music and maybe SACDs, even though the latter is probably a long shot as that is even more of a niche than classical...

LordAnubis12: Council COVID Feedback Thing

Months ago there was a public feedback interactive map launched where you could give feedback on bottle necks / shit bits of infrastructure for the council to gather feedback.

Is this still a thing? I can't remember for the life of me what it was called, but been a few areas that are almost impassable as a pedestrian now that schools...

MibbesAyeMibbesNaw: Spotted in the comments section in the Glasgow Times.

By commenter Sandy Allan:

Mary had a little bug
The one they call Corona
She caught it at a Catch-up
Wi her pals, Yvette and Shona.
Who else was there?
"I dinnae care:
We've no been oot fur weeks"
Now Shona's blue, in ITU,
Too breathless when she speaks.

Mary had a...

Andrewk4339: Junkie Walking Style

Has anybody else noticed that most junkies have the same type of walk with a baboon arse my mate pointed it out to me and I always see it now.

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