IcyHotel1: Piercing places

I’m a guy and looking for piercing places in glasgow that don’t ask for ID for piercings as i don’t have any photo ID as a few friends have told me some places don’t ask (of course im old enough to be getting one) asking on Reddit will probably get me nowhere but was curious as places will start to open next Monday

Safe-Apple5645: Maryhill/Firhill

Hi all,

I am moving to Glasgow and looking at some flats in North Kelvinside/Maryhill. One of them being on Northpark St which is just off Maryhill Road. I am a female and a student (will be walking to and from uni in the evenings) so safety is quite important to me. I don't really know the area so wanted to get some opinions about it. Would be much...

cgambin0: Looking for Student Rental in Glasgow Scotland- Incoming Exchange Students


My friend and I are coming to Glasgow Scotland in Jan 2022 and we need all the advice we can get. We are in the process of looking for a decently affordable place to live in the City centre close to Strathclyde University and Glasgow Caledonian University. What are some...

GavAndo: CBT Glasgow for Anxiety

Ive recently been referred for CBT by my GP due to an ongoing anxiety issue and due to the long waiting times I am looking to go private.

Can any with experience recommend a good therapist who specialises in this area in Glasgow or the surrounding areas?



pudgycathole: Tasty samosa recommendations

Please recommende places that do your favourite samosas.

What types of fillings should I get? Are they baked or fried? Any other bonus items from the menu are welcome :)

whysowonky: Dual control car hire

My friend and I are looking to do some practice driving (I've got a license and my friend is aiming to get license in the next few months). My question is, is there anywhere within Glasgow to hire a dual control vehicle for at least several days, and not just a couple hours at a time?

Lower-Marketing2699: How aware is the Hillhead Community on the Importance of Trees in Urban Areas?

Hello, I am currently undergoing a Masters at Strathclyde University, and I have created a short survey regarding Trees within the Hillhead area.

It is part of a project I’m working on alongside a client to evaluate the importance of trees within an u...

Jenniferh9309: Alex Cairnie's latest venture

I'm sure you've heard of the racist nutjob that was going around Govanhill making videos and trying to get victims of abuse to contact him. Well now he's opened a cafe in Cathcart and it's just as mental. I believe it's called Little Bird cafe on Holmlea Road.

No staff wear masks because he doesn't seem to believe in them. Everyone...

GoldmanT: Working docks?

Went down the Clyde with my wee boy and he was disappointed that it didn't look like the docks he reads about in the Thomas The Tank Engine stories. Are there any working docks like that on the west coast, cranes and container ships and that? Greenock seems most likely but I don't know the area at all, and even if I found something it might be hard to find a good...

SteamieBot: The Steamie - Tuesday 20 April 2021

**Weather** [(Powered by Dark Sky)](darksky.net/poweredby/)

Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Around 7 to 13 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

Fuck all. Go out if you must, but stay safe. Don't be a fanny.

**Today in Scottish History**

On 20th April 1918, Mora Dickson,...

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