SteamieBot: The Steamie - Tuesday 21 January 2020

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Possible drizzle this afternoon and evening.

Around 7 to 9 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

Celtic Connections at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Danny Kyle Open Stage at The Hall

The Big Fling - Scottish Dance...

longlostpenpal44: Dalmuir Street Name?

I'm researching my family tree and can't make out this street name. Can anyone get it? It looks like 52 \_\_\_\_\_ Road, Dalmuir. Thanks :)


tinyforeheadclub: Bus horror stories

I’m just in and on the 38 home an old guy shat himself and shook his trousers leg to let a wee jobby fall out. Fucking humming.

Please tell me your most hilarious/horrific Glasgow bus stories.

luna1800: How’s the coke here?

Coming here soon , I’ve heard you can get coke fairly easy. Is it good stuff usually

Neither_Example: Asking for a suggestion!!!

Hello people!!!
I'm an postgraduate international student who applied to both Uni of Glasgow and Uni of Edinburgh and got offer letter from both university...I'm having a very hard time choosing which one to accept.
Tution fees and cost of living in Edinburgh is much higher than Glasgow and bit over my budget. But it seems like Edinburgh...

treeterracedhouses: Places to sell rare computer games

I have a few games to sell that were rare at one point in time. I can take them to CEX but would rather they go to someone who might appreciate them more and give me a bit more for them. Obviously eBay is an Option but don't really want to risk eBay unless I have to.

Any small, indie shops around Glasgow I could go...

outerspacemagpie: Does anyone on here work for Maximus (disability benefit assessments)

A job has come up there and the reviews online aren’t great. It would be on the admin side. Does anyone have experience with working for this company?

TommyDredd: Recommended steak houses

Looking to take the mrs for steak on valentine's day. Is there any good steak houses you could recommend that isn't a place full of super posh people. I'm looking for a relaxed atmosphere. No Miller and Carter heavy over rated

SteamieBot: The Steamie - Monday 20 January 2020

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Possible drizzle starting tomorrow morning.

Around 3 to 6 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

Celtic Connections at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Danny Kyle Open Stage at The Hall

House of Song at Holiday Inn City...

PotentialRemote: Any Irish people looking to make friends?

I was thinking recently that Ireland and Scotland seem to have a pretty good connection. Most people in Scotland know someone who is Irish. My own Grandmother was Irish too. I like Irish people.

I guess im wondering if there are any sort of places or clubs where Irish people meet up? I don't mean for...

rw1337: Places similar to Jazz Bar in Glasgow

Used to live in Edinburgh and greatly enjoyed going to the Jazz Bar opposite of the National Museum of Scotland. Main plus was the free entry before 7.30 pm, you can get a solid 2-6 hours of music for free + cost of pints throughout the night.

Now I've moved to Glasgow and struggled a bit to find anything even as remotely...

macleanal: Suggestions for a night out

Any suggestions night out for a group of 30-40 year olds? Things like the Stand, the indoor golf thing in Tradeston. Group is both male and female.

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