weirdtwitterNODO: Right. Every visitor to Glasgow now gets a PSA about the city texted to them as they arrive with 5 MUST KNOW IMPORTANT things about the city. What's on the list? Let's hear it

1. Don't bother with first bus. Just walk.

2. The blue lagoon isn't a fancy restaurant, redditors are taking the piss out of you.

Etc. Etc. 👌😂

SteamieBot: The Steamie - Monday 29 November 2021

**Weather** [(Powered by Dark Sky)](

Rain starting tomorrow morning.

Around -1 to 9 degrees.


Due to severe weather disruption is expected until 14:00 29/11.

Train services between Glasgow Central and Carlisle via Dumfries are returning to normal but some services may...

alexr_cm: Moving to Ayrshire - travelling to Glasgow for work when Disabled

Hi all,
Me and my partner will shortly be moving to Ayrshire (most probably Irvine or Kilmarnock) in the following months as his family is from Ayrshire.
I currently live in the NE of England and rely heavily on my disabled person’s bus pass (with free metro travel for £13) to...

bunnybrambles: Strange broadcast on the South Portland Street suspension bridge

I've lived in Glasgow for over half my life now, and I've spent virtually all of it as a pedestrian. I walk across the South Portland Street suspension bridge (that red pedestrian one near the Sheriff Court) and twice within the past year I've heard this broadcast.

I've heard it...

minieggs321: Cheap Day 2 PCR

Hey currently in a European country due to fly home on Tueaday. Arriving after 4am meaning our lft tests are now useless and we need to pay for PCR tests.

Prices seem to vary wildly.

Anyone booked one recently and can reccomend somewhere cheap?


SubK89: Town on a Monday

I'll be visiting Glasgow in couple of weeks time and staying in a hotel in town on a Monday night.

Any recommendations for decent late night bars for a couple? Looking for somewhere with a bit of atmosphere, I've seen Howlin Wolf and Slouch should have live music on, would these be good options? Any other recommendations around this area? Thanks

not_r1c1: Place in/near the West End for an older person to have a quiet(ish) drink on a Saturday evening?

Hello there r/glasgow.

This might be a wee bit gallus, but is there anywhere in the West End where there might be room for someone to sit and have a quiet drink on a Saturday evening and have a natter without having to shout?

I'm a Welshman, currently...

theOwl_8: Can anyone recommend a good mobile car mechanic please? Flat battery / Car won’t start and I have to take it in for an MOT and clearly a service soon, thank you

SCOTL4ND: Rules on Reinstalling a Fireplace in a Tenement

Does anyone know where more information can be found regarding unblocking a chimney and using the fireplace again in a tenement.
All I can find relates to what fuels can be burned.

[Smoke Control - Frequently Asked Questions - Glasgow City...

BadNewsSteve: Anything cool going on next weekend?

So, I'm coming to Glasgow next weekend for the Admiral Fallow gig on the 5th. I've checked out the pinned post and all the usual sites to get an idea of what to do while there, but I wanted to know if there's any event or anything cool going on next Saturday and Sunday that a tourist might not know about. It's also my...

joethesiskin: NHS mental health institutions around Glasgow

Hemlo fellow Scottish people,
I do have couple questions regarding NHS when it comes to mental health. I need to mention I'm not originally from the UK and tbf I still can't understand well the heath care here. I urgently need to see a therapist specialised in depression, preferably in...

LordAnubis12: Thirsty Thursday - 7:30pm @ Shilling Brewing Co - 2nd December

It's time for the fornightly pub session! This Thursday come along to **Shilling Brewing Co** in town for casual chat and a few pints.

Feel free to drop in if you're new to town or been here for years. No agenda or plan, just come and say hello.

Ask for the "Reddit" Table.

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