marcopadda1: Anyone know any good phone repair shops around glasgow?

Smashed my iPhone X then was using my little brothers iPhone 6 and smashed it down at the skatepark lol. I’m mwi and have 2 broke iPhones. Tried looking up opening times for places, but there’s no accurate times cos of Coronavirus :/

God bless

judicious19: Help me resolve my Glasgow busker mystery from over a decade ago.

Hello people of r/Glasgow! I was thinking about this today for some reason and thought I might stop puzzling and see if anyone here can actually help. I am from Canada. Glasgow was my first ever European destination, and I flew over there in August 2008 with my brother.

I can’t...

Paddy-R: Anybody else see something streak across the sky just before 9?

You can still see the wake, it was travelling pretty rapid.

DC558: Beer growlers

Does anyone know any other places outside west that are doing beer growlers?

Derpentin: Park for bodyweight exercises?

Alright folks, hope you're all enjoying the summer melt.

I recently started with calisthenics (r/bodyweightfitness and the Recommended Routine 💪) and I'm looking for a nice wee place for pull ups, dips, rows etc.

Pretty much all I need is a pull up bar and two parallel bars, anything other like monkey bars, would be a fun...

dark_star77: Postgraduate history at Strathclyde or Glasgow uni

Hey folks, I've been having a bit of a dilemma choosing which uni I should go to for my history postgraduate. I've had offers for Glasgow's Modern History and Strathclyde's Historical Studies courses and I accepted the Strathclyde one. Part of the reason why I went with it is because one of my...

sidnich: Any mobile hairdressers do haircut outside ?

Hi any mobile hairdressers willing to cut my hair outside in backgarden? Please DM if so


kaichoublue: Etiquette for using paddling pool in shared close garden

With the scorching temps we've got today I wanted to let my 1 year old play in his paddling pool.

I live in a close with 6 flats in total. No one really uses the garden and one of my elderly neighbour's seems do to most of the upkeep.

Would it be rude of me to use it this way? Should I...

PeterPawlettsBaby: Does anyone else think Kelvin Way should be permanently shut to traffic when things return to 'normal'?

I'm not sure how much it's used when traffic's busy, but a long tree-shaded avenue seems perfect for pedestrian use, or perhaps even outdoor events (food markets, beer gardens, street musicians, etc.) And, yes, I know the weather isn't always...

SteamieBot: The Steamie - Friday 29 May 2020

**Weather** [(Powered by Dark Sky)](

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Around 11 to 25 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

Fuck all. Stay at home.

**Today in Scottish History**

On this day in 1546 Cardinal Beaton, Lord High Chancellor of Scotland, was...

Veloglasgow: Daily Discussion for Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 29 May

**Glasgow Megathread**

/r/glasgow Megathread for all COVID discussion. Please use this thread to discuss any and all COVID related topics. We would ask that you don't submit new posts for the topic on the subreddit itself - especially selfposts. Please only submit new subreddit posts for...

Doc72: What do you call these?


I’m 48. All my life I’ve known these as half covered. I was stunned that no one else outside of my family knows them as such. I’ve asked at work, my brother has asked at his work, no one seems to call them half covered biscuits. Come on r/glasgow what’s going on here?

Cezzza18: City Highland cows

Does anyone know where abouts in or near the city I could visit to see highland cows?
Obviously not at the moment due to current conditions but once things calm down?

Evapilotone: Parking Permits

I work in the West End usually, driving from Cumbernauld, but was fortunately furloughed during this pretty bleak time.

I pay for a business permit, but I obviously haven’t used it since the 23rd March.

It’s due for renewal at the end of August.

This is on the website:

“Parking Permits - The parking zone permit service and visitor permits has been...

kabulojewel: Any printer places for something like click & collect? Or quick delivery?

Hey guys!
Hope you are all well :)
I need a doc printed like, really soon for my work. I have tried getting it delivered, works fine but I just don’t have the time for it.
Has anyone come across something like this in the Glasgow area?
Thank you so much and sorry if...

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