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SteamieBot: The Steamie - Sunday 29 March 2020

**Weather** [(Powered by Dark Sky)](

Clear throughout the day.

Around 0 to 8 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

CANCELLED Gypsy Schwing Romacaleo and Friends at CCA

Glasgow Big Band Dance Night at Glasgow University Union

Glasgow's Grand Old Opry Jackson...

Kaieo: Places to live (Sorry)

I’m so sorry you’re all probably sick of this.

Anyways after all this coronavirus shite, my girlfriend and I are hoping to move to the area. I will be graduating from Media BA (Hons) and my girlfriend will be studying Animal Zoology and Biology at University West of Scotland in Hamilton.

Corona is making things difficult right now but I Hope to get...

B479MSS: Late reminder: Clocks have just gone forward.

I was wondering where the night had gone when I looked at the time there.

KingBellatorV: Places to live

What are some cheap but still reasonably nice/safe places to live in Glasgow?

cannaeshuvyergranny: The Stand Comedy club live stream

There's a donation link to help keep them going. The bold Frankie Boyle will be tucking us in at the end.

anonymousthrowawayed: Trying to find my friend in Glasgow

Hey my pal has just moved to Glasgow and I'm looking to try find one of my other friends, does anyone know who could help me?

Veloglasgow: Daily Discussion for Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 28 March

Daily Discussion for Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 28 March

**Glasgow Megathread**

/r/glasgow Megathread for all COVID discussion. Please use this thread to discuss any and all COVID related topics. We would ask that you don't submit new posts for the topic on the subreddit itself -...

SteamieBot: The Steamie - Saturday 28 March 2020

**Weather** [(Powered by Dark Sky)](

Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Around 2 to 8 degrees.


No line problems reported.

**What's On Today**

[Cancelled] Crooq Single Launch Party at The Rum Shack

GlasGRUNGE Tribute Night with The Lost Dogs at Audio

Joints n' Jams at...

RoboticDance: ISP who will quickly install?

Hey all.

As luck would have it, the maw has been left without internet during the lockdown due to being in the midst of switching providers before this all kicked off.

They were supposed to come out at the beginning of April, but have now contacted her to say that they cannot give an exact date due to the current situation.


Pharmalady: Somebody wrote a post complaining about long waits at the chemist but seems to have deleted it - this is what I wrote in response.

Sorry in advance for the length and rambling nature. Myself and my colleagues are so tired all the time right now that it's difficult to be concise and make coherent points. My inbox is open for any questions you may...

vinylhedgehog: Motorcycle parking near GSA

Hi all, was wondering if there were any motorcyclists here? I've received an offer from GSA and will be going over this Sept if all goes well. What's motorcycle parking like in/near the halls or in Glasgow in general? I've been trying to find information about indoor parking since I'm worried about theft. Would also love to just chat...

DarthKittens: Prescriptions East Kilbride

Went to EK to pick up prescriptions for my folks and waited 3 and a half hours. I’m helping out stacking shelves and this was time I could have been working. I was lucky to get in before they closed for lunch but poor buggers behind me less lucky and one guy beside me got told his wasn’t in. Anyone else having problems. This was St...

EvilFuckingScotsman: Why are dividends not included?

I’m a director of my own limited company which I run with my partner. We pay ourselves solely with dividends, meaning we’re up shit creek when it comes to getting the 80% everyone else will be entitled to.

Why is this? Managed to claim Universal Credit (small victory, rent will be paid) but we’re pretty fucked if we...

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