@neil hey sorry I got caught up in stuff yesterday. Did I miss stuff that we already did that I can just join the next one?

@M @neil is really good, Jennifer Garner is brilliant. Kind of John Wick style.

@neil haha no bother, definitely beforehand. I'm out on the 11th but I'm gonna try to navigate toward your birthday and grab you a beer.

@neil would be ideal if they can make it work in time as there isn't much else like it in the area.

@neil @M appreciate it needs done quickly so don't want to delay it but would don't be the kind of thing I would sign up to learn in the future.

@neil excellent! I'll open up a few more spots. I bought a second add on box last time which should be enough for a couple groups, if you don't mind bringing yours along also.

@neil grand, it's open to all if anyone else wants to join. I just put the attendee limit on as a temporary thing. I know other people with cards will end up signing up so will be fine.

@neil @neil organised a cards against humanity night for 31/5 if you're up for it, have restricted the number until we get a second set of cards

@neil good work! You make it home after the meet?


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