If you want to help protect red squirrels in Scotland, you can report sightings of both red and grey squirrels via the link below. Each sighting is valuable, and helps inform long term plans for red squirrel conservation! 🐿


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A Plutonian Landscape

Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Institute

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap210115.ht #APoD

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Moon Phases in 2021

Video Credit: Data: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter ; Animation: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio;

Music: Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 (Johann Sebastian Bach), by Kevin MacLeod via Incompetech

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap210111.ht #APoD

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You're never too old to get excited when you find money that you'd forgotten about.

One good thing that* came out of waking up early...

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One good thing came out of waking up early this morning was that I discovered "Soundstage" on Radio 4.

It's ironic when rugby and football / soccer fans dismiss cricket because "it's an English sport".

For the first time in six days, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out.

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A #crossword #puzzle inviting wrong answers, a boon to cruciverbalists of low vocabulary and high mischief. have fun!

The media gives us a daily update of the number of people who have died "within 28 days of a positive COVID test", but doesn't actually say that those deaths were caused by COVID-19. Did all of those people really die as a result of the disease, or are some deaths being added to the COVID-19 total simply because they tested positive??


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