Initiative to ban mass biometric surveillance in EU

European citizens campaign to prohibit biometric mass surveillance practices

This is one of the few posts I put publicly and I ask for a Boost!

If you are from EU or you know EU people, it could be interesting.
This is not an usual random web petition, this is an official ECI (European citizens initiative)


A human being escaped Earth's atmosphere for the first time 60 years ago today, when Yuri Gagarin was launched into outer space in the capsule "Vostok 1". The mission lasted for 1 hour and 48 minutes, during which Gagarin orbited Earth once.

Why sell fruit in its natural and "packaging", when you can use a plastic one which is not and which will take decades to decompose...?

Evanescence fans have waited a long time for this, but their patience has been richly rewarded. This album is everything I hoped it would be!

Curiosity: Sol 3048

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech - Processing: Elisabetta Bonora & Marco Faccin / #APoD

@gatsby I know, right?!? That would be like, a perfect world if that was true! 🤘😃

It would be cool if Mastodon the band was on Mastodon the social network.

The stars Acrux, Mimosa, Gacrux, Imai and Ginan are the brightest in the Crux Constellation, and form one of the most distinctive features in the night sky: the Southern Cross.
Camera: Canon EOS 4000D

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