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I made a new bot: @opentechcal - it posts upcoming events from the Open Tech Calendar ( area only)

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I'm really sorry to hear of Alasdair's death. He wrote one of my favourite books: "Lanark: A Life in Four Books".

If you haven't read Lanark, you really should, it is a phenomenal piece of writing. Throughout the book is gripping, thought provoking and a little Kafkaesque.


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Just finishing up at the talk hosted by @happy0

I have a scuttlebutt address now! 😜


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Tomorrow (Wed 13th Nov, 6:30pm) we're running a talk about hosted by @happy0 in
There will also be an 'onboarding party' where we'll help everybody get set up and demo how it might work in a mock zombie apocalypse 😀


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i'm going to help host another unconference, 23-24 Nov, here in Malmö if anyone is in the neighbourhood

the theme:
What does tech look like on a finite, post-climate change earth?

an initiative by Zenna Fiscella and Edgeryders en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgeryde


A place for communities in and around Glasgow, Scotland.