Do you have an RSS feed @pebkac_show ? I'm probably just being blind and not finding it but if you don't would you consider adding one ?

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@hreikin hey mate! Are you talking about the Podcast feed for an app like Kasts for automatic downloading of new episodes? Or an RSS for my social media posts?

Both are available. On the website, there is a list of feeds divided into different codecs like MP3; AAC; Opus and FLAC. They're about half way down the page. There's also links to alternative sources like Spotify and Breaker on the side panel.

If you want to social media posts, I'll grab the link for you, just let me know 👍😁

@pebkac_show I am so dumb, haha, sorry don't mind me 😂 the social media one would be cool as well, just started self hosting FreshRSS so it would be great to have some more content for it !

@hreikin Hey, that's cool mate. I don't post on here unless it's tech related, or if I'm encouraging or trying to support various projects. That way, It keeps it separate from my personal posts.

You can grab the RSS feed for these posts from here:

Or if you would prefer my personal posts, you can get them here:

Thanks for your support buddy :)

@pebkac_show Awesome, thanks, I'm just having a slow day i think, can't wait for the next podcast !

@hreikin all good. Next episode is due out in the next 48 hours 😁👍
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