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Presenting the least useful Pi Hat ever- the Raspberry Pi Zero RF Modulator. The answer to the question nobody was asking: “How can I display my raspberry Pi Zero on an antique TV?”

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Isn't lockdown supposed to reduce the spread of the virus?

"Our ITU (intensive therapy unit) is now full. Our HDU (high dependency unit) is full too. We are now sending patients to an offsite facility to be ventilated." - theguardian.com/world/2020/apr but everything's fine, says UK gov. and many people are stupid enough to believe them. #NHS

A headline you see when your barbaric ultra-capitalist dog-eat-dog society is doing totally fine, actually, and is definitely not trapped in a dystopian death spiral

What's the difference between a microwave and rent boy?

One cannot brown one's meat in a microwave...

my grandfather has been preparing for specifically this sort of society shut down type of event vs the kind of prepper that stocks up on weapons and i just.. i'm slowly learning how deep it goes. he's been stock piling for YEARS. there's flats of canned goods stacked as tall as i am. i just. wow.

it also is teaching me how stock piling doesnt have to cost a lot. sinking $5 a week into a flat of canned goods at the dollar store is what he's been doing. its still within date, its cheap, and he isn't wiping out entire shelves so others can't also benefit. but it does take foresight, planning, and storage

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if all the flags of the world came to life and did combat on an island, i think Wales would have a distinct advantage. on account of the dragon.

what do you think, caller?

speak softly (so you don't blow particulate as far) and carry a big stick (to poke things with from a safe distance without touching them)

Dear Russian hackers and other black-hats of the world. If you're going to put your resources to good use, that whole getting Trump re-elected thing isn't a good use of your time. But DDOS'ing The Polka Jammer network definitely IS.

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