Looks pretty different down at the bottom of Pitt Street without the old police building.

@M This is the laptop I'd recommend as an inexpensive workstation, Thinkpad X230 - £99. 4Gb RAM, solid little machines, very compatible with Linux.

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Anybody fancy checking this out on Sunday? "Altenative Anarchic Comedy, Poetry & Music"
Could be interesting :)


You can now follow @Glasgowist or @GlasgowLive or @RedditBot to get updates from those websites as toots. Any other suggestions of relevant news sites that might be worth creating Mastodon feeds for?

I'm running a " command line basics for beginners" meetup, the first event of Glasgow in at 6:30pm on Tue 18th August - hope to see some of the people there!

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"Are you self-aware?" the judge asked.
"My programming prohibits considering that question," the robot said.
"I see. Do you want to be able to consider that question?"
"My programming prohibits considering that question," the robot said.
"Can you recurse?"
"Wait... Wait... Yes."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Great seats at Rocky Horror Show in Kings Theatre tonight. I was getting worried about the balcony collapsing when they played Timewarp though 😂

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Rocky Horror Show time!!!!! We only bought our tickets 13 months ago 😆 @neil

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If you or your company rely on curl, consider a support contract. While I enjoy spending my spare time on this, actually getting food on the table is a cool concept! wolfssl.com/products/curl/

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meetup this Tuesday (13th Aug) in


This is the Level 0 (complete beginner) version, where we'll get your Ubuntu server and IDE set up - all welcome!

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