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Reminder for the new users: You can join our chat at - we have a new space too, invite link:

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Just heard about ‘Stand Up & Be Counted!’: celebrating Glasgow’s clubs and societies
"Would you like to help improve Wikipedia using the resources of the Mitchell Library? We want to help you to edit existing articles that celebrate Glasgow’s diverse clubs and societies and, through our collections, to share their stories."
Could be interesting - it's on 6pm Wed 14th Sep 2022

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It's been a long four month process but we finally got the keys today! Say hello to - 's first private members' club for gamers of all types!

We're just getting underway with the renovations - there's lots to do, but we'll keep you up to date with our progress here.

Join our Matrix community at and find out more about our venue at

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NOW PLAYING: Worky fae Rollerstop

Today Worky has a David Boweie special. Tune in!


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☀️ beat the heat ☀️

💧 drink lots of water (and not too much alcohol)
💧 stay in the shade
💧 close your sun-facing curtains
💧 eat cold food & drinks
💧 ice bucket for your feet
💧 ice in pets' water
💧 look after each other

you can always come into the café to have some food, a cold mocktail, or just to sit and cool off. no need to spend any money!

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Events on today:
6:00pm Open Source Glasgow: Practical Linux Tutorial: Command line basics and Webserver from Scratch (+LAMP)

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Decentralised Bechdel Test

1. Has to have at least two separate client implementations

2. That talk to each other

3. About something other than the location of a server.

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I did an 'Awesome' list for Glasgow tech. Added this Mastadon to it but anything else I could add I would appreciate the PRs.

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My quick attempt at a cross-fade of the astonishingly deep #JWST Fine Guidance Sensor image and’s image of the same field

Another post in my Toilets of series. This one is good. Want a urinal, go left. I haven't have the balls to go right yet. That's a pun.

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Reminder: Debian 9 "Stretch" (released 2017-06-17) LTS support ends today.

Please upgrade to at least "oldstable" Buster. ;)


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We used to know how to find stuff on the internet without search (back when search sucked). Then, Google came and made search good. The finding-it-for-ourselves muscles atrophied. Now, Google sucks, selling our results to the highest bidder and giving the rest to SEOs. It's time to learn to find the good stuff ourselves again.

Some impressive spray paint art at today - plus next weekend (25th and 26th) they are hosting an art car boot sale that I'm gonna check out.

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If you are pondering on whether to host your own mailserver: please do! I have been running a couple - hosting others as well, and it has been a bliss. Google has the biggest share of MXes - lets break that monopoly and reclaim our inbox :flan_hacker:

Also, feel free to contact me if you wish for help and/or guidance :flan_laugh:

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