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Reminder for new users: You can join our chat at via or by using the mobile app Element (see for more details)

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Marcus Mengs posted HTTP dumps from #Instagram mobile app that collects and sends to Meta the following details:

SSID and BSSID of all local WiFi networks, including yours
BLE beacons
Detailed GPS (!) location

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New meetup event added:
PC gaming night (virtual/online) - Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor 2 and others! at Online event
Wed 1st Dec 2021 7:00pm

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Cool! Breakout rooms just landed in #Jitsi! Makes it suddenly a whole lot more interesting to use for schools & universities. #VideoConferencing #VideoCall

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Yesterday I learned that Glasgow Housing Association wants to demolish the community where I live. This afternoon I spoke to Glasgow West End Today about it:
#glasgow #housing #gentrification

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Trump's social network (Truth Social) is now open source due to pressure from the maintainers of Mastodon.

I have now mirrored the code on Codeberg and GitHub to keep track of changes, ease public examination, and ensure a copy stays public.

I have also generated a basic diff between Mastodon v3.4.1 and Truth Social's latest code.

#TruthSocial #mastodev

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Im surfing on #gemini for the first time and I get a surprising feeling of "calmness", no cookies, no popups, no images, no headers, alles gut ๐Ÿ’›

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Matrix Foundation co-founder Matthew Hodgson will talk about decentralised E2EE signalling for multiparty WebRTC calls at today, at 16:30 UTC

Register here to attend the talk!

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I'm hosting an practical tutorial tomorrow night (6pm Mon 15th Nov) in , if anybody is interested.

It covers command line basics (for beginners and hackers, we use war games to get stated) as well as a basic guide to getting your own webserver set up.

More details at

events update:
tonight (every Thursday) from 7:30pm.
Mon 15th Nov meetup (learn command line and how to set up a webserver from scratch)
Wed 17th Nov 6:30pm Topic: Ian M Banks, The Culture
Fri 26th Nov 6pm drinks
Fri 3rd Dec 6pm social drinks (and #2600)

More details on our Matrix chat (.social)

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Well, there it is: Block view-source, block save page, on track to be accepted in to Chrome.


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I am legitimately in awe of the person so far up their own ass that they think "I haven't heard of NFTs" and "NFTs are awesome!" are the only possible responses here.

Also, no, NFTs are not fucking "Web 3.0", Children of the Coin fuck off

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snail race!!!

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Another brilliant podcast from the @pebkac_show is available here :

I love listening to your podcasts and can't wait for the next one !

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#Matrix and #XMPP are two federated/decentralized instant messaging protocols. Both has its pros and cons. #Bifrost bridge is an effort to connect these two protocols. Currently the bridge does not support offline messages for XMPP users, making it unreliable for XMPP users.

The bridge being #FreeSoftware we want to fix this problem by adding support for offline messages to the bridge.

Join our meeting on 4 Nov 2021 meeting 6 PM IST / 12:30 PM GMT if you like to help.

"From 1st to 11th November 2021, The EXTREME Hangout at
will be an exciting youth-focused hub and event activation in . A platform for active participation and a space for inspiration, engagement, education, and entertainment, the Extreme Hangout will represent a coming together and celebration of all those who share a passion for the healthy recovery of our natural world."

Hosted at The Ferry, 25 Anderston Quay, Glasgow, G3 8BX

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