@neil @Nimmy it actually looks kinda strange, as the Moon always shows the same side to the Earth, so if the photo was taken from here, that would suggest that it got those craters right after it was torn out of the planet (if that's the winning hypothesis of its origins).

@Feri @Nimmy I know what you mean, but my impression is that the surface is covered uniformly in craters but the crater line we see is more apparent due to a lighting effect (long shadows)

@neil @Nimmy Still, wouldn't it be logical for the part of the Moon's surface that is visible from here to be at least a little bit shielded by the Earth?

@Feri @Nimmy Yeah, like I say, I know what you mean, but given long enough they'll hit everywhere on its face (and the Earth might actually assist this by gravity capturing some solar objects that end up smashing the moon if they don't burn up in our atmosphere or get thrown back out of our orbit).

@neil @Nimmy That just proves my old theory. Mother Earth is a cheap whore.

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