Thanks for coming everybody! Such a good turn out. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to do much programming, but we should all have our own IP address and webserver up and running now. So that's a great place to start at the next meetup!

@neil Was a great night with a really good turn out! I know that the people I was sitting with learned a lot and are planning to come back for the next meet. I'm looking forward to the next meet!

@Ashmanq Good to hear! Hopefully we'll get straight into some database coding at the next meet - I'll maybe try to separate into two groups next time for those that aren't already set up.

@neil hey sorry I got caught up in stuff yesterday. Did I miss stuff that we already did that I can just join the next one?

@Ross No worries Ross - nah, you didn't miss too much - I basically took another 20 people through the EC2 stuff we've seen already. Next time (25th) we'll try and get started with some database programming (and I'll set up a smaller table off to the side for those that are brand new, or haven't got their server running)

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