Learn to code from scratch meetup tonight in from 6:30pm. 40 signed up so far, that's a record for our third meetup! See you there!
Some notes on what we'll try to cover:

@neil Won't be attending this time. Gran's birthday. Need to go see her. I'll be there in spirit.

@neil You're going to have to limit the amount of people who attend. Just for pedagocial purposes. No?

@M @neil Yeah. A chunk of time seems to be spent getting new students set up. Might I suggest making the first 3 stages required completed before new folk attend session 4?

@Legomancer @M I hear what you're saying, but I'm not sure people will feel able to show up if they have too many prerequisites. Some people read the event description and then don't bring a laptop. It may be that we should keep the two events per month, but make one of them 'total beginner', and the other 'almost beginner'. I'm still trying to decide what would be best.

@neil @M Oh yeah I saw someone didn't bring a laptop. Hope they still managed to get something out of the session

@neil @M Fair enough. It might be an idea to split the class so experienced people can help new folk get up to speed, freeing up your time to help those doing the current exercises. I'd be up for helping out new folk in that regard.

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