Just heard about this place.

Looks pretty cool. E-sports (gaming) bar on Pitt Street.

Maybe grab a beer there this Friday if anybody fancies checking it out with me.

@neil do you plan to play, or just watch and have a beer?

@Feri Probably just watch and have a beer. Unless you want a CoD match? 😜

@neil I suck at competitive gaming so much I only played the single player missions of all CoD games :)

@neil @Feri Don't think you're getting away that easily. They've got Mario kart!

@Brian @neil I'll go if they have Elite Dangerous. I'm gonna kick your arses in a dogfight with the right gear. Otherwise, the place doesn't look very interesting (based on their website).

@Feri @neil Judging by the site it seems like the only PC games they've got are the select few "pro gaming" ones that give children high blood pressure.

@neil @Brian I'd rather go to a quieter place to have beers and nice conversation, so if you change your mind, tell me please. :)

@Feri @Brian 🙄I want to cross off pub #575 🥺 I’m sure we’ll end up somewhere that ticks your boxes.

@neil @Brian well if we don't have to spend the whole evening there, it's fine.what time then?

@Feri @Brian I’m meeting a friend in Bon at 6, I’m aiming to be in The Summoners for 7. Welcome to join me at either one.

@Brian @neil OK I'll go to the Summoner's by 7. Are you sure you'll be there by then, or should I go a little later?

@Feri @Brian Ok doke, I should be there at 7. Feel free to arrive at 7:15 to be safe 😊

@neil @Feri and I'll just waddle along to wherever you're at once I get home and drop my work things off 😎 Probs a bit later so about 7-ish

@neil Someone just mentioned this in a reddit thread. There's also "Belong" on Union street apparently.

In other news, yeah I'd be down for giving it a go after work.

I remember there used to be something similar at the top floor of virgin megastores

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