@Brian @Feri 'twas a good night last night! This is that game I was talking about. Just having a cup of tea and installing it now.

@neil @Brian :( Won't run on my old PC. but I'll put it on my wishlist where the other PC games are that I'll buy when I'll buy a new PC.

@neil @Brian BTW this is the game designed by the X-COM dev guy that is about to come out this year:

@Feri @Brian Oh wow, I might literally book a day or two off work when this comes out 🤗

@Feri @Brian Hmm, it does.. that's another game for the cart! 🤩

@neil @Feri But you are supporting the developers! 😎

@Brian @neil OK, I checked my Steam lvl. It's 21. What was yours again, Brian?

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