@M This is the laptop I'd recommend as an inexpensive workstation, Thinkpad X230 - £99. 4Gb RAM, solid little machines, very compatible with Linux.

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@Brian @M No catch, people are overpaying for computers 🤓

@neil @M I'm thinking about building a new one soon, any shops you'd recommend for high end parts? I cringe looking at ebuyer charging 800 quid for a gpu

@Brian @M Hmm, not sure, I'm not so up-to-date. When I upgrade, I usually get a basic Zoostorm tower (I like the build quality) from Amazon, and just upgrade the GPU (and maybe RAM/SSD depending on what you get).

@neil @Brian TC works for a reseller now and can perhaps get discounted parts.

@Brian @M This is @TC - I don't think you've met yet.

@neil @TC @M @Brian TC used to be my IRC name in the last century. melting with

@Brian @neil @TC I'd actually argue a new born baby is not a person.

@M @neil @TC They sit about waiting to be fed and cleaned. Pretty sure they're a kind of plant. Most likely from the potato family by the looks of them.

@neil @M usually I upgrade when things start to go wonky and it's not immediately obvious what bit is doing the wonking. PCs started staying on the motherboard splash screen longer than normal at bootup, suspect its got a couple months left :(

@neil @Brian I remember caring about that in the past. I judge past me terribly.

@Brian @neil Overclockers? Not used them in sometime though.

@neil Ordered - Check me with the disposable income.

@M Nice. Lemme know if you have any issues getting set up.

@neil Had a wee panic there, but it comes with a charger. Not that I couldn't just order a charger. I'm not saying the micro-panic was super rational.

@M Nah, there were cheaper £75-85 options but without charger. I checked for ya 🤓

@neil To be fair to you, it did cross my mind that you would have checked that.

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