I've been working on this side project recently:

It's basically a wiki (editable by anyone) of links of Glasgow websites. 3,500 verified links so far.

Send me your suggestions if there are any based resources that aren't on there!

@neil This is amazing Neil, but you need to add Volunteering as well.

@Kamil Thanks! I'll look into creating a dedicated section for that tomorrow.

I'm still trying to decide on what the top level categories should be.

There is a 'Social Enterprise' page that has some volunteeering resources:

@neil Social Enterprise is only one kind of volunteering and it doesn't say a lot to an ordinary person, who is not involved in this. Well done anyway!

@neil Hi Neil! New section looks great, you could also add "Befriending" under Volunteering Neil with the links to all befriending organisations in Glasgow (, this is very valid as befriending is for young people, adults and older people. Volunteers being matched with them make a difference. The numbers of suicides and social isolation are staggering and the winter is comming. Just trying to help and make it better.

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