I created a based server today. I've uploaded 1 picture so far 😜

For those not in the know, it's a federated, decentralised Instagram. You can follow accounts on it from here etc. Very cool.

@neil Are there any decent apps for #Pixelfed yet? I feel like most people aren't willing to accept just a web version.


yes, there is a #pixelfed #android app now on #fdroid. it works well, I am using as of this morning. its kool

@matt @neil thought I had an app on iOS but realised it's running as a web app via Safari with an icon on the home screen. It is fully functional and really only thing it is does not do is push notifications. But it looks so much like an app that I had to double check now. A native app would of course provide the push notifications tho.

@neil Thanks for contributing to the network! It’s people like you who make the #fediverse thrive.

@yaggah I think by default all users have 1gb, would be happy to increase that if needed. The server has 2tb.

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