While these may become a robotics project in the future, right now they’re toys! Who wants to race? 🤗

I’m first to arrive for a change! It’s a little creepy to be alone down here 🥺

The comedy tonight in Sleazies was definitely alternative. It ended with a whole bunch of people on stage singing, playing the “Bag for life pipes” and support from Anonymous 😂

Our friend Tam upcycled an old can of paint as a gift bag 😝 Which you’ve left at mine @Parish 😜

Looks pretty different down at the bottom of Pitt Street without the old police building.

Great seats at Rocky Horror Show in Kings Theatre tonight. I was getting worried about the balcony collapsing when they played Timewarp though 😂

Just noticed this has appeared near my flat - on the corner of North Street and St. Vincent Street. Not sure what it is exactly - yet.

Currently in The Mon Bel Ami chapel in for the @Parish and Chel wedding - live stream starts in 30 mins monbelami.com/gazebo-live-stre

Good night so far at ! The Bad Muslims (from the comedy festival ages ago) are here but is destroying them - in a good way!

Looks like they’re putting the divider back in for booths in The Old Gin Rickey (previously Liberte). Doesn’t look like it’ll be open any time soon - shame, miss that beer garden.

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