Some impressive spray paint art at today - plus next weekend (25th and 26th) they are hosting an art car boot sale that I'm gonna check out.

Pretty big turn out for the Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund, looks like a hundred taxis driven by Spiderman and Storm Troopers among others so far :)

I'm at a gin making thing as part of the Pint of Science events in (runs tomorrow and Wed too) - it's quite hands on :)

The books are sorted by colour at my local charity shop 😭

Episode #96 of the unclear toilet door options in 😂

I was inspired by @themayor to make my own stickers. Now where is the polite place to put 'em ?

My kids play mat just arrived from - feels very good quality, pleased with it!

Just thought I'd share this. I like what they've done with the barcode on this packet of microwave mash potatoes. It's pretty 🤗

I bought a dictaphone from a charity shop before lockdown - there was a tape in it. I'm enjoying listening to a wee woman talk about her novel :)

Are people self isolating? Looks like it. These are the daily number of distinct wifi devices detected near my flat. Need more data 🤓

Putting some of my free time to good use. We have a complete ERP system set up in the kitchen now, complete with a wee barcode scanner 🤓

@M Doing some late night spring cleaning and enjoying my Stirling engine gift - it’s been going for ages 🤗

I made some new business cards to promote the instance.

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