Very busy tonight at The Bright Club in
“Where comedy and academia collide”

Pretty huge Forbidden Planet opening on Sauchiehall Street this Saturday 🤓

I heard a comedian in a while back..
“What is it with Glasgow and your junkie scarecrows?”

Ugh, jeans shopping in 2019. If it’s not “super skinny spray on” it’s got holes in it 😕

tonight in . “Where do meteorites come from?” Some pretty interesting visuals using machine learning to guess origin orbits from fireballs in the sky.

Kinda cool to see the old cobbles under the asphalt on Byres Road.

Looks like the stations are being upgraded. We won’t have to use the manual locks.

Having a wee BBQ at one of @Nimmy’s friends place. They live in a cool old converted mill. BBQ for breakfast.

We need to agree on a better way to do this at the end of presentations. Even a QR code would be a step up.

While these may become a robotics project in the future, right now they’re toys! Who wants to race? 🤗

I’m first to arrive for a change! It’s a little creepy to be alone down here 🥺

The comedy tonight in Sleazies was definitely alternative. It ended with a whole bunch of people on stage singing, playing the “Bag for life pipes” and support from Anonymous 😂

Our friend Tam upcycled an old can of paint as a gift bag 😝 Which you’ve left at mine @Parish 😜

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