I was inspired by @themayor to make my own glasgow.social stickers. Now where is the polite place to put 'em ?

My kids play mat just arrived from hippomat.uk - feels very good quality, pleased with it!

Just thought I'd share this. I like what they've done with the barcode on this packet of microwave mash potatoes. It's pretty 🤗

I bought a dictaphone from a charity shop before lockdown - there was a tape in it. I'm enjoying listening to a wee woman talk about her novel :)

Are people self isolating? Looks like it. These are the daily number of distinct wifi devices detected near my flat. Need more data 🤓

Putting some of my free time to good use. We have a complete ERP system set up in the kitchen now, complete with a wee barcode scanner 🤓

@M Doing some late night spring cleaning and enjoying my Stirling engine gift - it’s been going for ages 🤗

I made some new business cards to promote the instance.

I love overhearing the architects at work - "We'll need to cut here, here, here and here" - it always reminds me of that map scene in Aliens 😜

Back to again tonight, good show, Burns special - Raymond Mearns was the headline. Now in for their acoustic session. Good Sunday with @Nimmy 😚

@Nimmy and I just had lunch in Cail Bruich (thanks @Kimberly) and now we’re in their sister wine bar Brett on Great Western Road, pretty cool!

Heading to the Old Toll Bar tonight for their cash game. £5 buy in. Kicks off at 7:30pm. Looks fun!

We decided to just stay for the next show - Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service 😜

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