Ooh, they’re testing out robot lawnmowers in the pretty cool

Dug my little fleece-manbag-travel-blanket outta the office cupboard. It’s time finally. Gonna be reading in my usual spot under a tree the next few months ☺️

Apple watch birthday gift from @Nimmy! 🥰
Also bonus gift in the background from Sokar, who isn’t on this yet 😛

Wandering around Botanics with two random redditors on my lunch break. Didn’t realise there was a tropical pond in the other brown building. Bonus photo of a tiny venus fly trap. Right, back to work.

They’ve painted a wee mural on the wall outside The Baby Grand. Really brightens the area up.

Gin Rickey (the old Liberte/Black Sparrow) has been stripped out. Looked like they spent a fortune before too. Oh well. There are sounds of working so we might have a new beer garden in time for the sunmer. Fingers crossed.

Gonna make a bot like the Glasgow Comedy Festival IRC one to update us with what’s happening daily.. weekend goals.

They’re knocking that big church on Kent Road (that used to be an Indian restaurant) down, brick by brick.

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