Back to again tonight, good show, Burns special - Raymond Mearns was the headline. Now in for their acoustic session. Good Sunday with @Nimmy 😚

@Nimmy and I just had lunch in Cail Bruich (thanks @Kimberly) and now we’re in their sister wine bar Brett on Great Western Road, pretty cool!

Heading to the Old Toll Bar tonight for their cash game. £5 buy in. Kicks off at 7:30pm. Looks fun!

We decided to just stay for the next show - Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service 😜

I’m Queen Elizabeth hospital today - impressive building. I like the terrorist signs.. together, let’s “Make Nothing Happen” 😜

Just about to do a wine tasting in the dark with @Nimmy 😳
I see nightvision goggles!

Very busy tonight at The Bright Club in
“Where comedy and academia collide”

Pretty huge Forbidden Planet opening on Sauchiehall Street this Saturday 🤓

I heard a comedian in a while back..
“What is it with Glasgow and your junkie scarecrows?”

Ugh, jeans shopping in 2019. If it’s not “super skinny spray on” it’s got holes in it 😕

tonight in . “Where do meteorites come from?” Some pretty interesting visuals using machine learning to guess origin orbits from fireballs in the sky.

Kinda cool to see the old cobbles under the asphalt on Byres Road.

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