events update:
tonight (every Thursday) from 7:30pm.
Mon 15th Nov meetup (learn command line and how to set up a webserver from scratch)
Wed 17th Nov 6:30pm Topic: Ian M Banks, The Culture
Fri 26th Nov 6pm drinks
Fri 3rd Dec 6pm social drinks (and #2600)

More details on our Matrix chat (.social)

The author of Children of Time (one of the best books in the last 10 years in my opinion) Adrian Tchaikovsky, just released a new sci-fi book called Firewalkers:

It's our sci-fi tonight in on Renfield Street from 6:30pm - hope to see you there! Topic is "hive minds".

It's our first sci-fi event of the year on Wednesday 19th Feb (6:30pm in on Renfield Street) - this month's topic is "hive minds" - come along and talk science fiction with us (feel free to drop in even if you haven't read one of the books)

One of my favourite books (Pandora's Star by Peter F Hamilton) - the first book in the Commonwealth Saga is on sale on Amazon for 99p (kindle). Read it - I'd love to talk about it!

Just heading to for the first of our monthly sci-fi events. Starts at 6:30pm.
Come join us tonight or next time (every 3rd Wednesday of the month). Tonight’s topic is Space Opera🤓

Finally got around to updating the wiki with the books we read in July and August -

@Gregor - I was wondering why there were no posts for July, just slipped my mind.

Hey everyone! It was a great night last night at the and good to meet you all! Introduce yourselves and try some of these hashtags to find other events coming up soon.

Updated the list of what we read last night at the

I was interested in reading The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner - "Considered by turns part-gothic novel, part-psychological mystery, part-metafiction, part-satire, part-case study of totalitarian thought".

this evening - Topic is Devils and Demons - I've found a way to reference again :D
We're meeting in for a change (last venue was too noisy)

@Feri I've pre-ordered Children of Ruin, won't get it on my Kindle until 16 May though. I hope it's got a demon in it so I can blag it for this month's 😋

Heading to a sci-fi/horror/fantasy bookgroup tonight. This month's topic is "Fantasy: Gods and god-like beings". I'm reading Small Gods by Terry Pratchett for it.

@Feri Cool, now if I say something like our next meeting is 6pm 7th May 2019 in The Society Rooms ( they anybody else who follows that tag will see all these previous notes

@Feri Welcome! Have a look at some of the hashtags like (nothing there yet) but the default interface allows you to set up new columns (filters etc) pretty cool