Very busy tonight at The Bright Club in
“Where comedy and academia collide”

Pretty huge Forbidden Planet opening on Sauchiehall Street this Saturday 🤓

Heading to tonight in for a talk entitled "5G or not 5G: Taking Arms Against the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Pseudoscience"
Should be interesting! 🤓 We'll be there from 6:30ish.

Heading to The tonight for "AI, Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Industry 4.0 … and thanks for all the fish" - I'll be in The Admiral from 7pm if anybody wants to join.

Should be at for 6:15pm if anybody wants to join us for drinks. Seeing an improvised Harry Potter show - 'Spontaneous Potter' in at 8pm

Glasgow Geek Social tonight in from 7pm if anybody fancies a few beers.
I'll be there after work around 6ish for a bite to eat.

I've created a new group: Open Source Glasgow

The plan is to increase awareness for open source, teach some Linux basics and encourage self hosting of web services etc.

Our first event is "Linux command line basics for beginners", on Tuesday August 20th in on Kent Road.

Just heard about this place.

Looks pretty cool. E-sports (gaming) bar on Pitt Street.

Maybe grab a beer there this Friday if anybody fancies checking it out with me.

Having an after work beer in with Angus from if anybody fancies it. 6pm.

Good night so far at ! The Bad Muslims (from the comedy festival ages ago) are here but is destroying them - in a good way!

Hey all! Heading to tomorrow (Wed 3rd July, 8pm) for Comedian Rap Battles, always a good night. Meeting first in from 6pm (look out for meetup signs) - tickets should be available on the door, join us!

On my way to on Woodlands Road for the Glasgow - come join us for drinks and geeky chat!

Hey everyone! It was a great night last night at the and good to meet you all! Introduce yourselves and try some of these hashtags to find other events coming up soon.

Heading to The Glasgow in The on Monday 24th for a talk "Space Weather: Will we all fry in a Solar Storm?" if anybody wants to join us!

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