Good night so far at ! The Bad Muslims (from the comedy festival ages ago) are here but is destroying them - in a good way!

Hey all! Heading to tomorrow (Wed 3rd July, 8pm) for Comedian Rap Battles, always a good night. Meeting first in from 6pm (look out for meetup signs) - tickets should be available on the door, join us!

On my way to on Woodlands Road for the Glasgow - come join us for drinks and geeky chat!

Hey everyone! It was a great night last night at the and good to meet you all! Introduce yourselves and try some of these hashtags to find other events coming up soon.

Heading to The Glasgow in The on Monday 24th for a talk "Space Weather: Will we all fry in a Solar Storm?" if anybody wants to join us!

Bright Club tonight in if anybody fanices joining us - "Where comedy and academia collide!"
Meeting in The Old Schoolhouse at 7pm.
£5 tickets available on the door

“My spirit animal is a Xenomorph”.
“My patronus is Nicola Sturgeon”

A bunch of us are heading to Spontaneous Potter tomorrow - "an entirely improvised Harry Potter comedy play" at The Stand. Should be some tickets left if anybody wants to join us.

Endgame - Sunday 18:40 at Cineworld Renfrew St - anybody fancy it? @M @TC

Last night was fun! I’m a little hungover today! ☺️
Next event is Wed 29th of May - Spontaneous Potter - comedy show at The Stand

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