It's our meetup tonight - first one since 2020! All welcome to drop in!
We'll be in Bon Accord, North Street from 6pm

Bad movie night starting with a stream in 30 minutes at
Movie still to be decided, but I'm leaning towards The Wild Wild World of Batwoman 😀

Starting out regular Thursday night tournament game on at 8pm if anybody wants to join. Give me a shout for the details.

I'm hosting a video lesson on how to play this Wednesday (1st April) from 6pm here: (no software necessary, just visit in your browser on Wednesday).

Join us, learn the basics, then afterwards we'll play a £5 home game (it'll cost £5.50, pokerstars gets 50p, the rest goes into the prize pot) on Pokerstars at 8pm ( to test out what you've learned.

Create an account on pokerstars ahead of time if you want to play with us.

We're heading to on Monday (9th March 2020) for Bright Club - "Where science and comedy collide" - always an interesting night! All welcome!

Having some drinks after work in from 6pm tonight if anybody fancies joining us!
We'll be at the big table under the TV in the raised area. Let me know if I should look out for you!

I'm hosting a 'paired poker' tournament game at mine on Sat March 21st if anybody is interested. 7:30 for 8pm start. Choose your own pairs.

What is paired poker? Play in pairs, one partner completes an orbit (~8 hands) then switches and the other plays an orbit with the same stack.

Why? It allows you learn more about each other's play styles. Plus, it's chaos and fun 😂

£10 buy in, unlimited rebuys for first 2 hours if knocked out.

Let me know if you're game!

Quite a few events coming up in March for the meetup

Mar 4 - VR lecture (Royal Philosophical Society)
Mar 6 - Drinks in the pub ()
Mar 9 - Bright Club (science stand up comedy)
Mar 18 - Scifi Bookgroup (AI protagonists)
Mar 20 - Spontaneous Potter (harry potter improv)
Mar 24 - Linux command line for beginners in the pub
Mar 27 - The Big March Meetup (drinks in )

All welcome. Join the meetup group for more info (or ask here!)

It's our sci-fi tonight in on Renfield Street from 6:30pm - hope to see you there! Topic is "hive minds".

It's our first sci-fi event of the year on Wednesday 19th Feb (6:30pm in on Renfield Street) - this month's topic is "hive minds" - come along and talk science fiction with us (feel free to drop in even if you haven't read one of the books)

Heading to tonight in - the talk is entitled "A Skeptical Look at Necrophilia" by James Williams.

Should be interesting. We'll be there from 7:15ish. Come join!

Heading to the Old Toll Bar tonight for their cash game. £5 buy in. Kicks off at 7:30pm. Looks fun!

Hosting a wee cash game at mine this Friday, give me a shout if you fancy playing. @Parish @happy0 @sandy

Having some after work drinks tonight (from 6pm) in if anybody fancies joining us!

Heading to tonight for The Wee Man's Comedian Rap Battle.
A few of us meeting outside at 7:30 if anybody wants to join!

Having some drinks in tomorrow from 7pm if anybody fancies it.

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