Endgame - Sunday 18:40 at Cineworld Renfrew St - anybody fancy it? @M @TC

Last night was fun! I’m a little hungover today! ☺️
Next event is Wed 29th of May - Spontaneous Potter - comedy show at The Stand meetu.ps/e/GFtcy/DbV/a

We're having drinks in Dram on Friday from 7pm if anybody would like to join us. A meetup group for social geeks :) meetup.com/The-Glasgow-Geeks/e (trying to decide on a hashtag for events to make a sort of "what's on" list)

Hey @Will, Welcome! Nice short handle :) Where'd you get referred from? Was it or or somewhere else?

@Gillian Welcome! You're from the right? Thanks for joining - see you Friday!


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