It's the official start of the Comedy Festival today!
I made a wee site to track the upcoming events (571 of 'em!)

We're heading to on Monday (9th March 2020) for Bright Club - "Where science and comedy collide" - always an interesting night! All welcome!

We decided to just stay for the next show - Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service 😜

Heading to tonight for The Wee Man's Comedian Rap Battle.
A few of us meeting outside at 7:30 if anybody wants to join!

Heading to see Obadiah Steppenwolfe III in tonight with @Nimmy - one of my favourite comedian's - he's got shows on in throughout the month - check him out!

Should be at for 6:15pm if anybody wants to join us for drinks. Seeing an improvised Harry Potter show - 'Spontaneous Potter' in at 8pm

Anybody fancy checking this out on Sunday? "Altenative Anarchic Comedy, Poetry & Music"
Could be interesting :)

Good night so far at ! The Bad Muslims (from the comedy festival ages ago) are here but is destroying them - in a good way!

Hey all! Heading to tomorrow (Wed 3rd July, 8pm) for Comedian Rap Battles, always a good night. Meeting first in from 6pm (look out for meetup signs) - tickets should be available on the door, join us!

Hey everyone! It was a great night last night at the and good to meet you all! Introduce yourselves and try some of these hashtags to find other events coming up soon.

A bunch of us are heading to Spontaneous Potter tomorrow - "an entirely improvised Harry Potter comedy play" at The Stand. Should be some tickets left if anybody wants to join us.

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