I'm hosting a workshop called "Open source 3D game development with Godot for beginners" if anybody wants to join us. Just a brief intro.

Starts at 6:30pm.


I'm hosting my regular "How to set up a webserver from scratch" tonight in from 6:30pm. We'll be using AWS and Ubuntu. All skill levels welcome (those more experienced can help teach!)

Having geeky after work drinks in Bon Accord this evening. From 6pm, if anybody wants to join us.

Heading to The Scottish Users Group tonight in The in the for a talk by our very own @happy0 about at 7pm
Come join us!

I'm hosting a "Learn Command Line For Beginners" event tonight in at 6:30pm, come join us, even if you already know your stuff, we can always use extra helpers!

Just finishing up at the talk hosted by @happy0

I have a scuttlebutt address now! 😜


I'm running a " command line basics for beginners" tutorial tonight in from 6:30pm.
Come join if you're interested (it runs last Tuesday every month)

In Defense of Richard Stallman


"By satisfying the mob today, we are sacrificing our future. That’s the real risk."

I think this is pretty important.

Heading to The Scottish Linux Users Group tonight at 7pm in the for a talk by Will Nelson on Video Streaming with Open Broadcaster Software.

I'm hosting "Learn command line for complete beginners" this Tuesday (20th September) from 6:30pm in on Kent Road.

We'll be playing a game called Bandit from overthewire.org - Level 0 is how to connect to a server using PuTTY/ssh, then for level 1 the password is in a readme file, level 2 the password is in a hidden file and so on. Teaching new concepts along the way. It's a lot of fun - if you're into that sort of thing.


Giving a talk (or more of a 'guided conversation' 🤓 ) tomorrow night (Tue) in from 6:30pm: "Open source social media: ActivityPub and Mastodon - a gentle introduction"

Two events combined into one this evening - Setting up an Ubuntu web server from scratch & Web programming from scratch in from 6:30pm
It's going to be geektastic! 😂

Heading to the Scottish Linux Users Group tonight, 7pm in the Electron Club in the CCA. It's a planning meeting for 2019/2020. scotlug.org.uk/

@M This is the laptop I'd recommend as an inexpensive workstation, Thinkpad X230 - £99. 4Gb RAM, solid little machines, very compatible with Linux.

I'm running a " command line basics for beginners" meetup, the first event of Glasgow in at 6:30pm on Tue 18th August - hope to see some of the people there!

meetup this Tuesday (13th Aug) in


This is the Level 0 (complete beginner) version, where we'll get your Ubuntu server and IDE set up - all welcome!

My is now public (telnet mcpubs.com, port 2860) or visit on the web at:

It's not much of a game at the moment, but I'm interested in using it as a base for a world - and to experiment with community world building.

Take a look and re-live the 80s with me! 😂

I've created a new meetup.com group: Open Source Glasgow

The plan is to increase awareness for open source, teach some Linux basics and encourage self hosting of web services etc.

Our first event is "Linux command line basics for beginners", on Tuesday August 20th in on Kent Road.