tonight in from 7:30pm

Beginners welcome (come before 7pm and we can do some practice rounds).

events update:
tonight (every Thursday) from 7:30pm.
Mon 15th Nov meetup (learn command line and how to set up a webserver from scratch)
Wed 17th Nov 6:30pm Topic: Ian M Banks, The Culture
Fri 26th Nov 6pm drinks
Fri 3rd Dec 6pm social drinks (and #2600)

More details on our Matrix chat (.social)

I'm hosting a new weekly £5 game in at 7:30pm tomorrow (every Thursday). Come join us!

I'm hosting our new weeky game in tonight - come join! Last rebuy around 9ish. See a live feed of knockouts etc on matrix:

Next online tournament is on Sat 27th Feb 18:30 - £5 game followed by cash
Join the Matrix chat for updates: (sign up at

Starting out regular Thursday night tournament game on at 8pm if anybody wants to join. Give me a shout for the details.

I'm hosting a video lesson on how to play this Wednesday (1st April) from 6pm here: (no software necessary, just visit in your browser on Wednesday).

Join us, learn the basics, then afterwards we'll play a £5 home game (it'll cost £5.50, pokerstars gets 50p, the rest goes into the prize pot) on Pokerstars at 8pm ( to test out what you've learned.

Create an account on pokerstars ahead of time if you want to play with us.

We’re running a wee online game on Pokerstars this evening to replace what used to be our regular Thursday game. Lemme know if you want an invite.

I'm hosting a 'paired poker' tournament game at mine on Sat March 21st if anybody is interested. 7:30 for 8pm start. Choose your own pairs.

What is paired poker? Play in pairs, one partner completes an orbit (~8 hands) then switches and the other plays an orbit with the same stack.

Why? It allows you learn more about each other's play styles. Plus, it's chaos and fun 😂

£10 buy in, unlimited rebuys for first 2 hours if knocked out.

Let me know if you're game!

Heading to the Old Toll Bar tonight for their cash game. £5 buy in. Kicks off at 7:30pm. Looks fun!

Hosting a wee cash game at mine this Friday, give me a shout if you fancy playing. @Parish @happy0 @sandy

Change of plan. We're hosting from 8pm tonight. Cash game. Give me a shout if you'd like to play. All welcome!

@Parish has a wee cash game running this weekend - starting at 4:30pm in a secret location on North Street 😎 Lemme know if you want in! It'll be small stakes (£5-10 buy in)

Playing tonight in - informal £5 game, starts around 19:30, come join!

Some late night Thursday in
@Nimmy and I still hanging in - final table 😁

@M @John @TC Thinking of having a wee game in the flat tomorrow (Friday night) if you fancy it?

First new person to join tonight and make a post in gets a pint from me! Starting now! :)

Playing poker tonight in Bon Accord, our regular Thursday game. I’m gonna be late though!