Giving a talk at on Thursday 30th May, 7pm in the CCA if anybody fancies coming along. Topic is "Mastodon and ActivityPub: An overview".

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Thanks @Feri , I think that should be fixed now. I started on Children of Ruin last night :)

@Feri @Nimmy Yeah, like I say, I know what you mean, but given long enough they'll hit everywhere on its face (and the Earth might actually assist this by gravity capturing some solar objects that end up smashing the moon if they don't burn up in our atmosphere or get thrown back out of our orbit).

@Feri @Nimmy I know what you mean, but my impression is that the surface is covered uniformly in craters but the crater line we see is more apparent due to a lighting effect (long shadows)

@Feri I've pre-ordered Children of Ruin, won't get it on my Kindle until 16 May though. I hope it's got a demon in it so I can blag it for this month's 😋

Ooh, they’re testing out robot lawnmowers in the pretty cool

Dug my little fleece-manbag-travel-blanket outta the office cupboard. It’s time finally. Gonna be reading in my usual spot under a tree the next few months ☺️

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Soundtrack for this week: #art #radio from the CCA in Glasgow. 87.9MHz FM and streaming at

Heading to Skeptics in the pub tomorrow (The Admiral) to see Richard Wiseman talk about moon conspiracies. It’ll be good. Anybody want to join me?

Apple watch birthday gift from @Nimmy! 🥰
Also bonus gift in the background from Sokar, who isn’t on this yet 😛

No problem @Feri - see you at the next meetup!

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