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We’re hosting a “Learn command line for beginners” workshop online from 6:30pm tomorrow (Tue 7th). More details at

All welcome to join - alternative non-meetup link:

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For fuck's sake stop using fucking Slack for your open source project, christ. Get it through your fucking skulls, Dudebros. This is some basic fucking shit.

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It's revelations like the Zoom fiasco that reassure me that I am not a fanatic for insisting upon open source.

Are people self isolating? Looks like it. These are the daily number of distinct wifi devices detected near my flat. Need more data 🤓

I'm hosting a workshop called "Open source 3D game development with Godot for beginners" if anybody wants to join us. Just a brief intro.

Starts at 6:30pm.

@Feri I do yeah, 'tis pretty cool - we used it for our last D&D campaign (just for the map though - we were all in the same room 😀 )

@M Watched the whole thing and I'd only thank you for the beer 😉

I'm hosting "Open source 3D game development with for beginners" as an online meetup on Tue 31st March from 6pm.

I'm hosting a video lesson on how to play this Wednesday (1st April) from 6pm here: (no software necessary, just visit in your browser on Wednesday).

Join us, learn the basics, then afterwards we'll play a £5 home game (it'll cost £5.50, pokerstars gets 50p, the rest goes into the prize pot) on Pokerstars at 8pm ( to test out what you've learned.

Create an account on pokerstars ahead of time if you want to play with us.

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@Brian @M interesting, inevitable I suppose.

This is important “However, the Guardian checked with the Cabinet Office, which is overseeing restrictions on movement, and a spokeswoman confirmed that the guidelines did not prohibit driving somewhere for exercise or dog walking.”.

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Putting some of my free time to good use. We have a complete ERP system set up in the kitchen now, complete with a wee barcode scanner 🤓

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@M It's the Clap For Carers initiative.

@lain Which IRC channel/server are you referring to in the stream?

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