Currently in The Mon Bel Ami chapel in for the @Parish and Chel wedding - live stream starts in 30 mins

@M Ya’know, not yet. Maybe tomorrow. I keep getting distracted by stacks of cinnamon pancakes for breakfast! 😜

@M I know what you mean, a couple months ago I found myself watching a spider on the wall much more intently than I’d do normally. Wondering about what it’s life was like. Sign of a great writer.

@M @Nimmy Well, we were only across the street looking in, in an Irish bar that sells the world record largest pint - 60oz (1.8L) [thats not technically a pint - I know!] - and sells cocktails called “Car Bomb”.. but yes, pretty hot 😝

@Nimmy So, if we can’t catch it - can we still order it? 🤨

@Nimmy This place is so delightfully fucked up. The staff wear doctor/nurse costumes and all customers wear hospital gown/aprons. The menus have things like the “triple bypass burger”.. which is 6k+ calories 🤨

It’s 43C in . 20 mins wandering outside, now I’m back in the room sitting right next to the aircon!

@Brian Sure, gonna have some pints in Bon later, maybe straight after work, but definitely later too :) Come join us!

@Legomancer @M I hear what you're saying, but I'm not sure people will feel able to show up if they have too many prerequisites. Some people read the event description and then don't bring a laptop. It may be that we should keep the two events per month, but make one of them 'total beginner', and the other 'almost beginner'. I'm still trying to decide what would be best.

Playing tonight in - informal £5 game, starts around 19:30, come join!

Learn to code from scratch meetup tonight in from 6:30pm. 40 signed up so far, that's a record for our third meetup! See you there!
Some notes on what we'll try to cover:

@Nimmy That's up there with my favourites so far 😀

Found a new temporary location for the coding meetup this Tuesday 9th. at 23 Sandyford Place - we have the downstairs area reserved, so at least we wont' have to cancel. Only a block or two away from Avalon.

@Brian @M That is a classic. It's so bad it's gotta be intentional. The writers were like "Watch. Betcha this'll get through" 😂

Boom. Beautiful. Re: The Borg "most drones, most of the time, are not getting what we think of as sensory input at all"

This is why I subscribe to /r/DaystromInstitute

Doh, just found out the space on Tuesday in Avalon is double booked (I only found out because I got an invite to the event hosted there). I've got 30 people signed up, and they've got 7, damn. Need to find a new venue, asked in The Griffin but it's booked already. Not sure whether we'll need to cancel. I'll try one or two more options first.

@Brian After. Raging at me missing it - didn’t notice until my left leg dropped 🤣

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