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Announcing - an open-source, ActivityPub-compliant alternative to GoodReads, Coursera etc.

The goal is to build humanity's universal learning map by tagging learning resources with rich metadata such as topics, format, length, cost etc. There's a companion browser extension, a mobile app and peer-groups for project-based learning, mentored by selected experts and more.

The webapp is built with Ruby, Rails and PostgreSQL. Inviting devs:

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ActivityPub clients don't have to look like Twitter / Mastodon. I'd love to see a client that works like RSS feed reader apps.

@DC7IA @drwho www for websites so I can run things like mastodon and matrix on the plain domain

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Teacher's low-tech laptop hack to display handwritten notes for online class

(submitted by miles)

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I'm writing a list of questions for Richard Stallman. He tends to answer me after a week or so. Anyone have any questions they would like me to send along?

Richard Stallman is why we have a free software movement and many good free software products. He deserves more praise than he gets.

Got an email update from and

"...reflect that Facebook Ireland Limited is [now] responsible for the Oculus platform and your Oculus information..."

"..we collect information about your physical features and dimensions, such as your estimated hand size when you enable hand tracking. We also explain how we receive information about your Oculus Browser usage, such as the Oculus Browser features you use and crash reporting data."

will hopefully save us!

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joeyjojoshaba123: Mystery radio station broadcasting on 106.4 in and around the west end.

No idents or talking on the station and a seriously mad mixture of music being played. It just went from like 30s jazz to jacking house the next tune. Broadcasting on 106.4 FM and only seem to get it around Kelvingrove.

Searched all over on the internet, I know it's...

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I just released #Tootle 1.0 (Alpha 1), which aims to be a lightweight Mastodon client for Linux desktops and phones :toot:

You can read the change log and download the sources here:

A Flatpak version will be prepared soon, so stay tuned :3

@M Sheesh, that does not seem safe 😂

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We're excited to announce the ActivityPub conf 2020 keynotes!

Opening up the conference we have a panel featuring the editors/authors of the ActivityPub panel: Jessica Tallon (@tsyesika), Amy Guy (@rhiaro), Erin Shepherd, and Evan Prodromou, with me moderating! (Hear from everyone else this time!)

Wrapping things up is Darius Kazemi (@darius) presenting "Let's Play and Win Our Own Game"!

See the whole lineup:


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@mewmew I'd imagine it's from MUDs where the commands like /slap $name etc were just wrappers for "/me slaps $name in the face with a large trout"

@alex I think maybe the first one is nicer/cleaner but I want it to be closer to the name like in your second option.. could it be overlaid on the bottom left of the avatar? Maybe make use of that unused real estate?

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Someone "popular" on the security community on Twitter said to never host your own mail server...

Actually, do the opposite.

-Host your own mail server

-Host your own matrix homeserver

-Host your own mastodon instance

-Host your own DNS server if you can

Just do it securely and follow the good practices

Fight back on the centralization of the web.

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