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Heading to Defcon tonight in The Griffin. They’re doing a CTF (capture the flag - competition of first one to hack a dedicated server). I’m gonna be late, but should be cool!

Heading to a sci-fi/horror/fantasy bookgroup tonight. This month's topic is "Fantasy: Gods and god-like beings". I'm reading Small Gods by Terry Pratchett for it.

Off to Rookie Oven this evening, a tech startup meetup in The Raven
First time I've been since their xmas event I think.

@Ross Will still try and get these extra cards to you - still trying to fill them with ideas though 😂

@Ross Doh, sorry Ross, going to have to miss that CaH event on the 31st again - just realised I've double booked myself (for my own geek meetup oops!) Shame, it sounded fun! Hopefully catch up with you beforehand!

On my way to to "Herding Cats: Contrarian Conversation" in Shilling Brewery.

Arguments* in the pub on a Sunday afternoon, perfect 😀

*I think Jonathan prefers I refer to them as discussions but I'm being contrarian 😋

Gin Rickey (the old Liberte/Black Sparrow) has been stripped out. Looked like they spent a fortune before too. Oh well. There are sounds of working so we might have a new beer garden in time for the sunmer. Fingers crossed.

I'm having birthday drinks on Sat 11th May in Bon Accord at 8pm. If you can read this you are very welcome to join! Hope to see you then!

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Gonna make a bot like the Glasgow Comedy Festival IRC one to update us with what’s happening daily.. weekend goals.

Comedy Rap Battle in The Stand tonight with...

MC Hammersmith v Harry Garrison

Robyn Probert v Leo May

@Ross I ordered 100 blank Cards Against Humanity cards so I can print onto them. Got a couple ideas from searching online :) Anybody got any more suggestions for funny/unexpected/make-Frankie-Boyle-blush ones to bring along on the 31st?

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