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Just did my talk on Mastdon and ActivityPub at . No HDMI so my speaker notes were a bit hard to read but oh well, think I got most of it across. Slides up at

“My spirit animal is a Xenomorph”.
“My patronus is Nicola Sturgeon”

A bunch of us are heading to Spontaneous Potter tomorrow - "an entirely improvised Harry Potter comedy play" at The Stand. Should be some tickets left if anybody wants to join us.

Hi @Gargron - I'm putting together an "Intro to Mastodon and ActivityPub" talk for my local (Glasgow) Linux users group - would you mind if I use some of the images on your blog to make it look pretty?

Heading to the south side to see an Avenue Q theatre show.
Three people from work also queued for this same bus and we’ve all sat as far away from each other as we can 😬

"How to Train Your Robot" is tonights theme at in The Butterfly and Pig this time.

Three speakers:
- Living with robots - What does it mean for our social life? Dr. Ruud Hortensius (
- 17 Things You Didn't Know About Robot Gestures -- Number 10 Will SHOCK you! Carolyn Saund (
- Developing Psychologically Valid Facial Signals into Social Robots
Dr. Chaona Chen (

Giving a talk at on Thursday 30th May, 7pm in the CCA if anybody fancies coming along. Topic is "Mastodon and ActivityPub: An overview".

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