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There is a bit of sun! Anybody fancy a ? We’ll be here all night! 😜

Finally getting around to trying out OverTheWire Wargames while I wind down my Friday afternoon. Check it out at - great way to learn basic Linux command line skills

Heading to The Glasgow in The on Monday 24th for a talk "Space Weather: Will we all fry in a Solar Storm?" if anybody wants to join us!

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sevenofk9: Upcoming geek events (and the Global Reddit Meetup!)

Hi all, I've had a couple PMs about the last list of events I posted. A few of the people on the chat want to join us at some of these events but have some anxiety about meeting us.

I said I'd put a list of everything I'm going to be at over the next week or two - at these events I'll be able...

It's Bungo In The Back Lanes this Saturday the 22nd around Strathbungo in the south side.

Basically a big community food/drink and craft sale.

Gonna head along in the afternoon before the .

I don’t quite understand this graffiti I see on the way home “5G is a weapon”. 5G in particular or just all communication?

@M @John @TC Thinking of having a wee game in the flat tomorrow (Friday night) if you fancy it?

Thanks for coming everybody! Such a good turn out. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to do much programming, but we should all have our own IP address and webserver up and running now. So that's a great place to start at the next meetup!

30 people signed up for our first 'Coding From Scratch' meeting tonight. Should be good!

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