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Lunch in beer garden. One of the best beer gardens in Glasgow I’d say. It has a bunch of little sheds with Perspex fronts and usb chargers as well as an outdoor bar, bbq and picnic tables.

Some late night Thursday in
@Nimmy and I still hanging in - final table 😁

Scottish Linux Users Group 7pm tonight in - a discussion of self-hosted services

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Hi classmates in today's PHP workshop! Is anyone up for a sortof live chat on Mastodon? Share problems and advice?

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If anyone wants to know the commands for their AWS ubuntu server then there's some info here

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Another great session on Coding from Scratch. PHP form up and running. Cheers @neil

Lots of new faces! Welcome! Introduce yourselves, hard to put names/faces to handles 😝

Thanks for coming tonight everybody! That was a bit tricker having so many different levels of experience but we’re getting there! I’ll try to make some clearer quickstart notes for the next one!

Talk was good! These are the other upcoming events at the this month

Heading to The tonight in - topic is "Space Weather: Will we all fry in a Solar Storm?"

We switched to standing.. Only really got two photos. We missed a big group shot. Oh well!

Hey everyone! It was a great night last night at the and good to meet you all! Introduce yourselves and try some of these hashtags to find other events coming up soon.

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