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Just saw a guy under 20 in the west end wearing a portable cassette player 🙄

Just heard about this place.

Looks pretty cool. E-sports (gaming) bar on Pitt Street.

Maybe grab a beer there this Friday if anybody fancies checking it out with me.

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Since I'm not on Instagram now, pole spam will be here

Having an after work beer in with Angus from if anybody fancies it. 6pm.

@Legomancer I was thinking of, going forward, adding a "Level x" type of indicator to each event. Based on this: What d'ya think - would that work?

Coding from Scratch meetup tonight in from 6:30pm! 26 signed up so far (without actually 'announcing' the meetup' - so it should be mostly people who have been before). See ya all there!

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Heading to our first Cirque du Soleil show “O” with @Nimmy

Currently in The Mon Bel Ami chapel in for the @Parish and Chel wedding - live stream starts in 30 mins

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