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I heard a comedian in a while back..
“What is it with Glasgow and your junkie scarecrows?”

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It would be great if we could actually get Bernie Sanders to join Mastodon. This is the future of social networking, after all. Just saying

Ugh, jeans shopping in 2019. If it’s not “super skinny spray on” it’s got holes in it 😕

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Today I am excited about:

LÖVR is a open source, VR game engine made by Bjorn Swenson. As of today version 0.13 is released:

And, of specific interest to me, this is the first version to officially support Oculus Quest!

LÖVR is the basis for the commercial game I've been making for the last year and a half. I maintain LÖVR's Oculus Mobile port, plus this repo (forked from my game) of helper classes and tools:

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tonight in . “Where do meteorites come from?” Some pretty interesting visuals using machine learning to guess origin orbits from fireballs in the sky.

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@Jay @bhlm woo, just got a chance to try one! That was excellent - had a cheesy grin on my face the whole way. Shaved 5 minutes off my commute. Makes uphill almost more fun than downhill! 😃

Chris Morris talking about his new movie 'The Day Shall Come' on Channel 4 News.

Just picked up my ticket for this Saturday - the first Glasgow Caledonian Cyber Convention
Should be interesting.

Kinda cool to see the old cobbles under the asphalt on Byres Road.

@qasxed Good to meet you last night! We should do that again.
Here are some of the notes I made on the wifi scanner we talked about. I've still got some more stuff to add to it, but this should be enough to get you logging your own data.

In Defense of Richard Stallman

"By satisfying the mob today, we are sacrificing our future. That’s the real risk."

I think this is pretty important.

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Next meetup this Friday (4th October 2019) - 6pm in Bon Accord, North Street. Look out for the black 2600 tshirts!
More details at

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