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We're running this month's "Setting up a webserver from scratch" meetup tonight in from 6:30pm All welcome!

Very busy tonight at The Bright Club in
“Where comedy and academia collide”

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Mastodon apps for Android: Tusky, Fedilab, Subway Tooter.

Mastodon apps for iOS: Toot!, Mast, Amaroq

There is no app called “Mastodon” because anyone can develop an app (and the aforementioned ones are made by independent developers). You can also use the website on your phone, it works quite well and has 100% of the features.

For a more complete list of apps see


Pretty huge Forbidden Planet opening on Sauchiehall Street this Saturday 🤓

Heading to tonight, it's moved to the GCU Union. Kicks off around 7:30pm (though I'll be arriving late). Twitter is their only method of arranging things 😕

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Change of plan. We're hosting from 8pm tonight. Cash game. Give me a shout if you'd like to play. All welcome!

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@Parish has a wee cash game running this weekend - starting at 4:30pm in a secret location on North Street 😎 Lemme know if you want in! It'll be small stakes (£5-10 buy in)

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I'm running a " command line basics for beginners" tutorial tonight in from 6:30pm.
Come join if you're interested (it runs last Tuesday every month)

Heading to tonight in for a talk entitled "5G or not 5G: Taking Arms Against the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Pseudoscience"
Should be interesting! 🤓 We'll be there from 6:30ish.

I just planted trees with ! Every dollar you donate puts a tree in the ground. Join the team at

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