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Merry Christmas to all you out there in the Fediverse! Lemme know who’s into board games, we need to schedule a few nights and play my new game 😃

Loki (“The Scottish Rapper”) is playing King Tut’s tonight (Mon 23rd) if anybody fancies it. 8pm. £11

Welcome to all the new people! Take a look at who I follow and see if you recognise anyone.

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Follow Friday Fediverse Developer Edition

@Gargron - mastodon dev

@lain - pleroma dev

@Chocobozzz - peertube dev

@jalcine - koype dev

@yabirgb - anfora dev

@eliotberriot - funkwhale dev

@LemmyDev - lemmy dev

@matt - writefreely dev

#ff #followFriday

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Seattle Police officers recorded running into pedestrians with their bikes on crowded sidewalks and then arresting the victims for assault.

Watching - it's based on this short sci-fi we watched a while back - pretty cool to see it developed!

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If you were not quite sure that Scotland wasn't actually a separate country, well this map kind of shows it...

I know we are attached by land and we speak the same basic language, but don't be fooled by that.

I'm in a Conservative area 😬 , but the Tories only edged it by 843 votes.

SNP took 81% of the seats up here.

The Tories took 57% in the rest of the UK.
In England the Tories took 64.5% of the seats.
In Scotland the Tories took 10% of the seats.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 != 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 + ❄️

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Having geeky after work drinks in Bon Accord this evening. From 6pm, if anybody wants to join us.

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Glasgow tonight in the Glasgow Caledonian Union (George Moore building, ground floor). It’s a Capture the Flag! From 7pm.

One of my favourite books (Pandora's Star by Peter F Hamilton) - the first book in the Commonwealth Saga is on sale on Amazon for 99p (kindle). Read it - I'd love to talk about it!

Heading to the meetup in tonight from 6pm if anybody fancies joining.

"The RookieOven Meetup is an informal gathering of startup founders and enthusiasts. Meet like-minded people building tech products and catch up with what's going on in the Glasgow startup scene. Free to attend and open to all."

Heading to The Scottish Users Group tonight in The in the for a talk by our very own @happy0 about at 7pm
Come join us!

Heading to a Pint of event in The Butterfly and Pig at 7pm tonight if anybody wants to join me.

I'm hosting a "Learn Command Line For Beginners" event tonight in at 6:30pm, come join us, even if you already know your stuff, we can always use extra helpers!

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