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Playing tonight in - informal £5 game, starts around 19:30, come join!

Learn to code from scratch meetup tonight in from 6:30pm. 40 signed up so far, that's a record for our third meetup! See you there!
Some notes on what we'll try to cover:

Found a new temporary location for the coding meetup this Tuesday 9th. at 23 Sandyford Place - we have the downstairs area reserved, so at least we wont' have to cancel. Only a block or two away from Avalon.

Boom. Beautiful. Re: The Borg "most drones, most of the time, are not getting what we think of as sensory input at all"

This is why I subscribe to /r/DaystromInstitute

Doh, just found out the space on Tuesday in Avalon is double booked (I only found out because I got an invite to the event hosted there). I've got 30 people signed up, and they've got 7, damn. Need to find a new venue, asked in The Griffin but it's booked already. Not sure whether we'll need to cancel. I'll try one or two more options first.

Good night so far at ! The Bad Muslims (from the comedy festival ages ago) are here but is destroying them - in a good way!

Looks like they’re putting the divider back in for booths in The Old Gin Rickey (previously Liberte). Doesn’t look like it’ll be open any time soon - shame, miss that beer garden.

in tonight, 7:30pm. Talk is about XML parsing attacks. I'll be there, but not until late.

Hey all! Heading to tomorrow (Wed 3rd July, 8pm) for Comedian Rap Battles, always a good night. Meeting first in from 6pm (look out for meetup signs) - tickets should be available on the door, join us!

Going to head to in tomorrow, 6:30pm - "an informal gathering of founders and enthusiasts"

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A video guide to puTTY on Windows, both converting keys and connecting to AWS

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What's a good place to go eat brunch in the west end of glasgow? Cafezique and stravaigin have good reviews

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Hey guys I'm thinking about going to the play As You Like It by the bards in the botanics on tuesday at 7:45pm if anyone wants to tag along and hang out

On my way to on Woodlands Road for the Glasgow - come join us for drinks and geeky chat!

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I implore people to watch CitizenFour the doc on Edward Snowden, it's terrifying. And includes some shell commands we have been using!

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