We're hosting our monthly Command line for beginners (and hackers!) and How to Set up a Web Server from scratch tutorials from 6pm tonight in . All skill levels welcome! opensource.glasgow.social/

We're hosting our monthly Command line for beginners (and hackers!) and How to Set up a Web Server from scratch tutorials from 6pm tonight in . All skill levels welcome!

It's 2022 this weekend; 5th and 6th Feb. There are some great talks lined up (jotted down some we'll be at: opensource.glasgow.social/fosd)

But on Sunday, I think we'll be spending most of the day in the dev room - there are some fascinating talks (and lightning talks) lined up which ties into some of the local VR/Matrix stuff we've been doing.

And of course, drinks in this Friday with the techmeetup.

Tonight we're hosting our monthly "How to set up a webserver from scratch" tutorial in from 6pm - drop by!


My htmlq project that I wrote a couple of years ago got some attention last week, which has inspired me to work on it a bit more.


We're having a small social meetup in , North Street, tonight, from 6pm. All welcome to join.

Mastodon now has an official app for iPhones, you can get it from the App Store:


(The app is FOSS, the source code is at github.com/mastodon/mastodon-i )

The official app is aimed at new users who aren't familiar with the Fediverse. It streamlines the signup process and hides some features such as the Federated timeline.

However, because Mastodon is built on open standards, it has lots of unofficial apps too. There's a complete list at:



We're running our first post lockdown in person event this month - Tue 24th August 2021. In Bar on Kent Road, from 6pm. It's one of our regular Learn command line from scratch events - designed for complete beginners but might appeal to some of the crowd as we're using Bandit, one of the OverTheWire.org wargames to teach with.

More info on our wiki at opensource.glasgow.social/ - there is an optional meetup link too at meetup.com/Open-Source-Glasgow

We're hosting our bi-monthly "Setting up a webserver from scratch" tutorial online this evening from 6pm. All welcome to drop in.

More details on our chat at :glasgow.social

We're running our bi-monthly command line basics for beginners event tonight from 6pm - meetup.com/Open-Source-Glasgow

Open Q&A using Matrix in :glasgow.social all welcome (experts welcome to lend a hand too!)


Hope you all got something out of the intro - just seen this posted to the mailing list, looks like a good intro geminiquickst.art

Next meetup: 27th April 2021, command line basics opensource.glasgow.social/comm

It's this weekend. All being held on (:fosdem.org) - which is great to see.


I'm particularly interested in the at scale talk (fosdem.org/2021/schedule/event) as well as the massive communities in Matrix talk (fosdem.org/2021/schedule/event)

We're having an in real life meetup tomorrow (Fri) in Bon Accord from 6pm - we'll be socially distanced out in the back garden - come say hello!

We've added a new online event.

Introduction to Matrix: Open Source Instant Messaging

Mon 13th July 2020, 6:30pm


We’re hosting a “Learn command line for beginners” workshop online from 6:30pm tomorrow (Tue 7th). More details at meetu.ps/e/HL2HL/DbV/a

All welcome to join - alternative non-meetup link: opensource.glasgow.social

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