In the #Inca calendar, the month we call #May was when they harvested corn. 🌽🌽

To find out more about the Inca’s corn goddess and their fertility/agricultural/Mother Nature goddess, check out Intrepid Dudettes of the Inca Empire. Link in bio ;)

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#introduction as I'm new here :)

I'm Helen, I write historical books, so far about the Inca Empire for kids & adults with a focus on incredible women who lived back then but got sidelined by trad history books.

I like travelling, reading & writing and discovering random facts on the Internet!

All links: http://linkt.ree/intrepiddudettes

Oh yeah,
I'm a UofG researcher in computer science, doing algorithms. Coding in and mostly, but slowly growing on
Avid cyclist of many types, also enjoy games of the board, tabletop and video variety

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